If You Love Your Pet, You Definitely Want to Make These 5 Pet Crafts!

If you need some ideas on how to celebrate your pet with a craft project, we’ve got some great ones for you. Check out these fun DIY pet crafts:

DIY Dog Placemat


Keep your floors mess-free with this quick and easy dog placemat. These placemats can be customized with a printed fabric of your own or embroidered with your pet’s name. Either way, this is a great way to celebrate your favorite fur-ball. The tutorial is easy-to-follow, and you can make this placemat as large (or small) as you need it to be.

Braided Rope Dog Toy


Grab some scrap fabric and try making this simple braided rope toy for your dog. This craft is easy enough for a kid to do! Canvas fabrics make for a tough toy, while fleece or cotton is good for small dogs and puppies. The braided rope toy makes a great gift for other pets in your life too. Keep this one in mind for any holiday: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, and (of course) National Pet Day!

Funny Pet Crafts: Make a Pet Rock


Don’t have a pet? How about making your own? These fun pet rocks can be made using fabric, yarn, sticker eyes or paint. Again, this is a cute project for kiddos, and it’s something you can easily create with found objects and scraps of material. If you’re stuck inside and need something to do. This is the project for you.

Dog Bow Tie


For this one, all you need is some fabric, thread, a needle, elastic, fusing, and an iron. The free pattern is included in this dog bow tie tutorial. This cutsie bow tie attaches right to your dog’s collar and can be used on dogs of all sizes. For people new to making a fabric item using a pattern, we highly suggest this one. It’s simple but gives you a basic understanding on how patterns are used in sewing projects.

Stuffed Sushi Cat Toy


For “refined felines” we found these amazing felt sushi toys! Your cat is going to love these colorful, round toys perfect for batting around the floor. You can even add these to a string for a pull-around toy for your cat. As a reminder about pet safety, if the stuffing is coming out of the toy, be sure to take it away from your cat to prevent choking. What’s great about these DIY toys is that, since you made them, you can repair them yourself.

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