Your Choice of Fabric Says a Lot About You

What does your choice of fabric say about you?

Choice of fabrics convey a lot about a person. When you enter a home and see furniture made from leather versus a blended cotton, you get a snapshot into a person’s personality and preferences. Do you seek comfort or durability? Maybe you like a sleek, modern home that screams order. Here’s what your fabric choice says about you:

Cotton: You Seek Comfort

Cotton is a natural, soft fabric with a fair amount of durability. While it might become wrinkled or easily stained, you’re not worried! It’s all about comfort and creating a welcoming space. It works well as a slipcover or as a thin throw for warm summer days when you want some cool coverage. Cotton gives your home a chic vibe and the aesthetic can read country home or modern casual. This classic fabric can be painted or made into lovely patterns that make your decor multi-dimensional. And don’t shy away from cotton blends. With other durable materials, cotton blend fabrics can be used on some of the most prone-to-wear areas of your home. Comfort and durability aren’t mutually exclusive.

Wool: Creating a Welcoming Space


Wool is warm and welcoming. With great styling, especially in the cold winter months, wool creates a special space that has “hygge” written all over it. Hygge is a Norwegian and Danish word for the “mood of coziness” and the feelings that you have when you’re cozy. Although we don’t have a word for it in the United States, we know the feeling all too well. Someone who chooses wool chooses hygge.

Silk: Sexy Luxury

Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics available today. It’s delicate and not suitable for furnishings where you need durability. However, it makes a great accent fabric for throw pillows, and it’s popular for bed sheets. Rayon is often used as an imitation for silk, and it’s more durable. When blended, it can even be used for upholstery. People who love silk love the indulgent, dramatic feeling of the fabric.

Velvet: Romantic Moods


Velvet is romantic and royal. This opulent choice of fabric is more durable than silk and gives your room texture. Use this fabric on headboards, drapes, or even upholster your couch with velvet! Even a simple throw or cushion adds so much character to a space. Velvet is made from cotton, silk, or polyester. Poly velvet is more durable than any velvet made from natural fibers. While the lovely feel of velvet is so visceral, it’s hard to ignore, it tends to be the color that draws you in. Velvet dyes well and there are so many rich color options to choose from. Deep indigos, emerald greens, and other jewel tones are just some of the options available to you. If you want to create a romantic mood, do it with velvet.

Leather: Rich Durability

Leather is special fabric. The cost is high for leather fabric, but its cost is outweighed by its excellent durability. Someone who loves leather can look past the up-front cost to invest in the long-term benefits:


  • Stands the test of time
  • Comfort grows as the leather becomes more worn
  • It smells amazing all the time
  • Long-term use (nearly 4x as long as a regular fabric couch)

Don’t snooze on leather because it’s pricey. It’s an amazing investment that keeps on giving. And if you want to imbue your home with a special richness – leather is the way to do it.

Linen: The Naturalist

Nothing says “natural” like linen. Linen is made from flax and is extremely durable for a natural fiber. The feel is smooth and lustrous. While it resists pilling, it can wrinkle easily. Natural means natural – and wrinkles are natural. There is nothing fake about linen. It’s well-suited for informal spaces, and when blended with cotton, linen gives greater elasticity. If bringing the great outdoors indoors is your mission, linen is the fabric for you.