The #1 Reason Why You Need Vinyl in Your Crafting Room- Versatility!

Vinyl is one of the most versatile materials in the world. It’s strong enough to be rigid and made into pipes and flexible enough to be pressed flat into sheeting that is easy to cut with scissors. Today, we’re talking about the flexible version and why you need vinyl in your crafting room.

First, the Benefits of Vinyl

A vinyl-lined porch, making this outdoor pool useable year-round.

Before we jump into uses of vinyl, let’s talk for a moment about the benefits:

  • Durable: We’re talking exterior-all-seasons-durable here! This weather-resistant material can stand up to practically any climate with minimal shrinkage.
  • Flexible: Bend it, fold it, roll it, cut it. Vinyl can do it all.
  • Water-resistant: Water wicks beads right off this material and doesn’t permeate.
  • UV-resistant: Our vinyl can stand up to the sun and its UV rays.
  • Easy-to-maintain: Wipe with a damp cloth and you have yourself a clean surface.
  • See-through: The best part? You can see right through the vinyl. If you’re using this to line your screen-in porch, for instance, this feature matters.

For Home Decor & Utility 

why you need vinyl greenhouse
A greenhouse lined with vinyl

Now, let’s talk about the practical uses of vinyl. You need vinyl in your crafting room because it’s super useful! Here are some ways our customers like using this magical material:

Tablecloth Covers

Protect tablecloths and other important linens with a sheet of vinyl. You don’t have to remove tablecloths anymore. You can work right on top of the vinyl for projects and cooking. When you’re done with your project, just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Drawer Liners

Make cleaning a pinch and organize your drawers with vinyl drawer liners. Just cut the material to fit and put your utensils right on top of the vinyl.

Furniture Covers

Protect furniture all the time or when leaving your vacation home with vinyl furniture covers. This material is easily cut to size and sewn or adhered together. 

Enclosing Porches

To make your porch an area you can enjoy all year-round, consider enclosing your porch with vinyl! You can see right through, allowing some sun and warmth in, even during the coldest months.


Greenhouses allow light in to warm a space in early spring and late full to prolong your growing season. Along with some PVC or aluminum, you can create your own greenhouse with our vinyl products.

Chicken Coops

Here’s one more reason why you need vinyl: to keep your chickens warm in winter and protected from winds. This application is one of our favorites because it helps people trying to live more sustainably by growing their own food and supporting animal life.

For Crafting & Creative Applications

why you need vinyl accessory bag canvas etc
Vinyl accessory bag from Madam Sew

Vinyl’s versatility is impressive, but it’s not just a material for practical applications. You can transform vinyl into creative, crafty projects, too. Here are just 4 fun ideas:

  1. Rain Gear: Vinyl protects you from the rain! Low gauge vinyl can be made into apparel like rain gear.
  2. Lunch Bags: Lunch bags need to be easily cleaned. And since vinyl has great water resistant properties and is easy-to-clean, it’s a no-brainer solution for lunch bags.
  3. Accessory Bags: Small bags with specific needs (like pencil bags) are a great use for vinyl. Bags made from our material are slightly rigid, which means you can make bags that hold their shape.
  4. Bag Liners: Protect your expensive handbags or flimsy totes with bag liners. Bag liners are placed at the bottom of a purse or bag and used to keep the bottom rigid while protecting from spills.

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