What Wholesale Pipe and Drape Systems Are Right for Your Next Event?

What Are Wholesale Pipe and Drape Systems?

If you’re considering buying wholesale pipe and drape systems, or regardless of whether you’re looking into used pipe and drape systems, there is a ton to consider. To put it plainly, pipe and drape creates a “false divider” or to veil a zone. Wholesale pipe and drape systems isolate rooms or set up discrete spaces, scenery for meetings, or even as backgrounds for weddings.

A wholesale  pipe and drape system consists of 4 components. These parts comprise of uprights, bases, drapes and supports. The unit is intended to create an barrier, and in that capacity it’s essentially a couple of poles that hold up a fabric. The base is implied just to hold the uprights. Numerous individuals use steel bases on the grounds that the additional weight helps in holding the system up. Some people add rubberized weights to the base to guarantee it doesn’t tip over.

Whatever your decision in choosing materials, there are likewise storage issues to consider. Some wholesale pipe and drape stands, unscrewed and separated, make storage less demanding and consume less room. Separating the display likewise makes transportation less demanding.

Why Our Customers Use Wholesale Pipe and Drape Systems

Wholesale pipe and drape systems uses:

  • Trade Shows: This is the way most wholesale pipe and drape systems are used. If you’ve ever walked through a conference hall or exhibit, you’ve seen pipe and drape setups.
  • Weddings: Wholesale pipe and drape systems are used in weddings to create elegant spaces from informal settings. Drapes dramatically transform banquet halls into classic wedding venues.
  • Milestone Events: Wholesale pipe and drape systems are great for creating backdrop for photography. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, bar mitzvah, or retiring, wholesale pipe and drape systems with the best fabric will be a fun way to create memories.
  • Fundraisers: Create runways, photo booths or dramatic backgrounds with wholesale pipe and drape systems. It’s sure to “wow” the crowd at your next event.

The Best Fabric for Wholesale Pipe and Drape

No pipe and drape system is complete without the ideal fabric for your occasion or gathering. There are different styles to choose from depending upon the event. Some fabric options for wholesale pipe and drape systems are:

Velour Drapes

Velour fabric is a normally used for wholesale pipe and drape systems. It’s a classic fabric that offers flexibility for a wide range of uses. From gatherings to large corporate functions, velour looks stunning with any pipe and drape system and is likewise innately fire resistant.

8'H Velour Drape 14 oz

Banjo Drapes

Banjo material is a typical drapery texture utilized at expos. These drapes are light and furthermore characteristically fire resistant (IFR), which implies it experienced no chemical procedure to achieve its fire retardancy, and will retain its characteristics through washing. This drape is an awesome choice for uplighting, also it is halfway sheer.

3'H Banjo Cloth Drape

Poly Premier Drapes

Poly premier fabric has an exquisite look and is perfect for upscale occasions. Premier drape is 100% polyester and like banjo fabric is naturally fire resistant. This texture would be an incredible expansion to a pipe and drape setup for an exceptional event like a wedding.

210 Denier Polyester Charcoal
210 Denier Polyester Charcoal

Commando Drapes

Commando drapes are used to essentially block light or dampening brilliant lights. This fabric is an awesome alternative for a pipe and drape systems that is in front of an audience. Inherently fire resistant, implies  synthetically treated to be impervious to flame. This material looks amazing at any public exhibition or corporate occasion.


Sheer Voile Drapes

Sheer Voile drapery looks fundamentally the same as tulle. It’s straightforward look adds material for uplighting to your wholesale pipe and drape system. Used for various occasions, particularly for the individuals who wish to add a level of complexity and class. Sheer voile drapes are additionally naturally fire resistant.

white sheer fabric

While there are a large number of textures for pipe and wrap units, the ones specified above are the best materials for pipe and drape for your next event.

Wholesale Pipe and Drape Supplies & Accessories

Public exhibition stalls can’t run well without the correct supplies and extras. Here are some options when setting up your public expo stall:

  • Display Stands: A show stand upgrades your public exhibition stall by enabling your customer base to take in more about what you’re offering. Extraordinary show stands help support your business with custom branding and awesome designs!
  • Tension Fabric Displays: Tension fabric displays are an imaginative way for making particular plans or displaying your organization’s marketing materials. Regardless of whether you need to promote your products or services, tension fabric displays your message in a visually stunning way.
  • Pipe and Drape Kits: Wholesale pipe and drape system are important for trade show booths! Beautiful drapes make a big statement and divide booths in a way that makes it easy for attendees to view new businesses. 
  • Tabletop Displays: Tabletop displays attract passersby. They can inform them about your company’s products and increase brand awareness. Tabletop displays custom printed with your company’s logo and mission helps consumers learn about you.
  • Retractable Banner Stands: Letting prospective clients know who you are is crucial! Displaying your logo or company information on a banner is vital during a trade show, where getting leads is the objective. Retractable banner stands fold up easily for travel and assembly is fast.

Wholesale Pipe and Drape Systems for Tradeshows

If you help other people get their public expos up and running, you may require a huge supply of a significant number of supplies. On the off chance that you run a convention center or banquet hall, warehouse pipe and drape systems are the best for your business.

Wholesaling your next occasion cuts cost by and large. In case you’re arranging a public exhibition at your location, keeping your budget low aids your mission to get the show going and keeping your clients happy. Warehouse direct removes the work it takes to get supplies and materials from multiple vendors.

Finding the most financially savvy choice doesn’t need to be hard. At Canvas Etc, our specialists will help you with the greater part of your public expo needs! Not certain where to begin?

Your Wholesale Pipe and Drape Systems Retailer

Expo Pipe and Drape has the best materials for your pipe and drape needs. We’ve done the inspections and research so you don’t need to. Therefore, through fastidious determination, we’ve developed an offering of the best fabrics for your pipe and drape system. Regardless of whether you’re hoping to stand out from competitors at your next public exhibition, or adding polish to your upcoming wedding ceremony, Canvas Etc is there to support you.

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