Trade Show Booths: Tips & Tricks

Trade Show Booth Displays

Trade shows booths are an excellent tool for any business to showcase what their business is all about. Whether you’re a small business on the rise or marketing a new product, trade show booth displays are a great solution bringing brand awareness to your company.

Trade show booths come in a variety of options for your every tailored need. The supplies you’ll need for your exhibit display depends upon how you choose to express your brand. At Canvas Etc, our trade show booth supplies are limitless so you can put your best foot forward with prospective clients.

Trade Show Displays
Trade Show Displays

Trade Shows: A Step Up for Your Business

Trade show exhibitions are a commitment to your brand and business. Booths are investments placed to ultimately drive your business to another level. Having high quality set-ups for your booth translates positive values to a prospective customer, and leads to a world of potential.

Your booth design is a showcase of your hard work! Trade show exhibiting on the show floor is work within itself, but that work pays off as you show off your company and meet customers. Staging your trade show booth before a show provides the proper environment you want to be in when you meet potential clientele.

Taking your business to a trade show relies on a firm marketing plan. Creating a marketing plan prior to the trade show allows you to hammer out the details on things like: a theme for your trade show booth, whether or not to provide hospitality to drive people to your booth, or even ordering promotional items that you pass out to potential clients to serve as a lasting impression!

After working through the specifics, focusing on the design of your trade show booth will be key. Whether custom designed or already manufactured, there are various setup options when getting your trade show booth ready for an upcoming event.

Canvas Etc carries a variety of fabrics that appropriate for trade show booths. For instance, draping can be made from velour, banjo, poly premier, commando cloth, or duvetyne.

Trade Show Booths: Setup Options

When well thought of, trade show booths really draw a crowd! A few ideas for excellent set-ups of a trade show booth for your next show are:

  • Peninsula Exhibits: This style of showcase is fantastic when you’re at the end of an aisle at your event. Peninsula exhibits have traffic on three sides and share a wall or have one side closed off. A  pipe and drape kit for this exhibit would create a sense of inclusivity to this style of setup.
  • Island Exhibits: Island exhibits are stand alone exhibit solutions at trade shows. They offer a full access to your clientele from all sides of your trade show booths. Using a portable trade show booth for this style of setup would allow for ease of setup time.
  • Custom Modular Exhibits: Modular exhibits sit anywhere on a trade show floor! They incorporate pop up display properties and allow for good portability. These setups offer less time to the setup process and get you talking with your client faster.
  • Double-Deck Exhibits: If you really want to stand out against the crowd, a double deck exhibit is the royal treatment! Double-deck exhibits are customizable, two story trade show booths that are all about stirring attention to your brand in an eye-catching way.

Whatever your style, no trade show booth is complete without the appropriate supplies and trade show accessories for getting the job done well!

Trade Show Booths: Supplies & Accessories

Trade show booths are unable to run well without the right supplies and accessories. A handful of exceptional options when setting up your trade show booth are:

  • Tension Fabric Displays: Tension fabric displays are a creative way for creating distinctive designs or showcasing your company’s branding materials. Whether you want to promote a product or service, a tension fabric display flaunts your message with a sensational  approach!
  • Pipe and Drape Kits: Pipe and drape kits are essential for trade show booths! They can enhance or seclude your booth, allowing for the focus placed on your business. Canvas Etc offers comprehensive selections on amazing kits here.
  • Display Stands: A display stand enhances your trade show booth by allowing your clientele to learn more about what you’re offering. Great display stands help boost your business with custom content and great graphics!
  • Tabletop Displays: A tabletop display with table covers featuring your company’s pertinent information is helpful for attracting attention at eye level. Tabletop displays that are custom printed with your company’s most important points helps new clients get to learn on what you’re about.
  • Retractable Banner Stands: Letting your clientele know who you are is important! Displaying your logo or company information on a banner is key during a trade show. Retractable banner stands make it easy and simple to provide an identity to your business.

When you prepare for your every need with the right supplies and trade show booth accessories, you can bet on your show experience going well!

Trade Show Booths & Wholesale Needs

If you’re in the business of helping others get their trade shows up and running, you may require a large supply of many of the items discussed above. If you run a convention center and have the trade show booths pre-fabricated for your vendors, wholesale is the best choice for you!

Wholesaling your next event cuts cost overall. If you’re planning a trade show at your venue, keeping your revenue low assists in your profit and maintaining the happiness of your vendors. Wholesale takes the guesswork out of knowing what you’ll need for each individual vendor as well, making their setup easier to achieve!

Finding the most cost-effective option doesn’t have to be hard. At Canvas Etc, our experts will assist you with all of your trade show booth needs! Not sure where to start? Contact us today for a consultation.