These 3 Outdoor Fabrics Will Make You Want to go Outside

Fabrics are a big part of our lives. We wear them, we sleep between them, and we use them outdoors! Outdoor fabrics are useful and often used, yet we don’t give too much thought about them. But if you’ve ever sat in a yard with some friends over drinks, you’d find you’re likely sitting on patio cushions and maybe your seat is under a pergola with mosquito netting. These are all made from outdoor fabric! Since spring is here, we wanted to share 3 fabrics that will make you want to go outside.

Waxed Shelter Tent Duck

outdoor fabric seating canvas etc

This strong, durable outdoor fabric is made from cotton. You can use waxed shelter tent duck for many outdoor applications including:

Because this fabric is waxed, there’s an added level of durability. For instance, it will stay flexible in colder temperatures and repel water. We love this material because of its unique look. Due to the nature of the wax, you get more color shade variation than your standard dyed fabric. The cracks and creases give it an appealing, rugged look. Our waxed shelter tent duck comes in a variety of colors. Just check ‘em out!

NoSeeUm Mesh

mosquito netting outdoor fabrics canvas etc

Keep the mosquitoes and other pests away with NooSeeUm mesh outdoor fabric! What will make you want to head outdoors for this fabric is its breathability but ability to keep bite-y bugs away. Here are some ways our customers use this mosquito netting:

  • Tent Windows
  • Baby Cribs
  • Gardens
  • Clothing
  • Hunting Camouflage
  • Koi Ponds & Water Features

What we really love about this fabric is that it’s eco-friendly. No need to use harmful chemicals or insecticides to keep the bugs away. Instead, you can live-and-let-live (while avoiding mosquito bites). Relax and rest easy with NoSeeUm Mesh.

Ballistic Nylon

parachute outdoor fabrics canvas etc

Ballistic nylon doesn’t sound like a tempting outdoor fabric, but have we got news for you: this stuff is amazing.

This nylon fabric was originally used for flack jackets in WWII. That’s why it’s called “ballistic”–it protected people from incurring injuries from debris and shrapnel. In addition, it was great at repelling chemicals and providing protection during inclement weather. 

Here are some common uses for ballistic nylon:

  • Luggage
  • Heavy-Duty Backpacks
  • Kayaks
  • Tool Belts
  • Headliners
  • Carpet Liners
  • Webbing
  • Parachutes

Our 1050 denier ballistic nylon is tough, coming in at about 15 oz. per yard. The polyurethane coating on one side provides extra protection and water repelling properties. This is definitely THE fabric for outdoors-y people who appreciate gear that can hold up to abrasion and the elements. 

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