The Ultimate Pipe and Drape Fabric Guide

The Ultimate Pipe and Drape Fabric Guide

If you’ve ever been to a convention center or trade show event, you’ve seen pipe and drape systems. Used mainly in the events and hospitality industry, pipe and drape kits offer a personal look to a company’s brand. However, they offer so much more! At Canvas Etc, we’re committed to showing just how pipe and drape kits can work for you for every event. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or getting ready to marry, pipe and drape systems will take your special occasion to the next level. Learn more in our ultimate pipe and drape fabric guide below.

What is Pipe and Drape?

Pipe and drape fabric kits are traditionally used within entertainment and information sectors. Used for trade shows and in museums, pipe and drape kits assist in defining or even concealing aspects of a room or venue. This allows for interesting set ups to enhance your special affair! The piping for a pipe and drape fabric system comes in various forms depending on what your need is. Drape panels hung from the system or placed top and bottom through piping help with the general look and style. Overall, pipe and drape kits are a dynamic addition to any event or special occasion.

Pipe and Drape Kits: The Event Industry

As previously mentioned, pipe and drape kits find their use within the event industry quite frequently. From various trade shows to popular cultural conventions, pipe and drape fabric systems lend true support to the event industry. They get their utilization by providing structure to a trade show booth or to distract from a part of a room not being used within the space. Pipe and drape fabric kits showcase a brand or service’s identity when used as a pipe and drape backdrop with customized logo drapery. In many ways, pipe and drape kits maintain a level of sophistication and fun for any special occasion!

Popular Drape Styles and Drape Support

Pipe and drape fabric systems would be incomplete without premier drapes! We carry an abundant variety of drapery in many colors to satisfy your requirements. Some of the fabric choice options carried for pipe and drape kits are:

  • Banjo Drapes: Our banjo drape panels are ideal for those looking to put their best foot forward for a professional event or otherwise! Banjo drapery is commonly used with pipe and drape fabric kits because of its cost efficiency and flame retardancy. This fabric is perfect for uplighting to bring a dramatic and elegant effect to any event.
  • Velour Drapes: Velour drape panels are a bestseller! Velour drapery is a popular option for its elegant look yet ability to not break the bank. Its fullness is customizable to 50 fullness, or whatever your drapery calls for! Generally, velour drapery adds class to any occasion you’ll require it for.
  • Poly Premier Drapes: Our selection of poly premier fabric is the most sought after. Versatile and easy to use, this pipe and drape fabric lends a poly satin drapes look to your kit and works well for all pipe and drape systems. We offer this drapery in many colors, so no matter the event, we’ve got you covered!
  • Sheer Voile Drapes: This lightweight fabric complements pipe and drape fabric kits beautifully. While sheer voile is great for adding with other drapery, it is also used as a standalone drape in pipe and drape systems. It allows for various lighting applications due to its opacity. All in all, this drapery fabric choice is a great option for making any event look dashing.

While there are many other drapery options for pipe and drape systems, the drapery options listed the more popular selections when choosing premier fabric for pipe and drape kits.

Flame Retardancy & Drapery

Most of our pipe and drape fabric is flame retardant. For example, the banjo drape panels offered are also inherently flame retardant, or IFR. This classification became defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The NFPA created a standard that outlines what defines textiles as flame retardant. They test a fabric’s flame resistance with the 705 field test when one can’t be performed in a lab. This test, along with other factors outline various classifications of flame resistance. Banjo drape panels are IFR because they aren’t processed with special flame retardant chemicals. They are flame resistant based upon their fibers and remain flame retardant despite washing.

Pipe and Drape Fabric: Setting Up for Shows

Pipe and drape systems are not difficult to set up. In fact, some piping for pipe and drape fabric kits are telescopic, making it simple to lift and bring your pipe and drape system to life! Some things you’ll need to set up your pipe and drape kit are:

  • Bases: Whether indoor or outdoor, it’s a good idea to have a base attached to your pipe and drape kit. A base adds a level of security to your kit, making it difficult to push or knocked over by accident. Bases are available in various forms depending on what your event will call for.
  • Accessories for Drapery: Want to have grommets or a rod pocket added to your drapes? No problem! We’ll add all sorts of finishing touches to ensure ease of set up so all you’ll have to worry about is having fun at your next event.
  • Alternative Piping: Not sure whether you’ll need telescopic or fixed piping for your pipe and drape system? Canvas Etc can supply you with various forms of piping for your pipe and drape kit so your setup is ideal to your specifications.

No matter the show, Canvas Etc has you covered for all of your pipe and drape fabric needs!

Different Occasions Pipe and Drape Systems

Pipe and drape systems are great for trade shows and professional events alike, however some wonderful occasions for using pipe and drape kits also are:

  • Milestone Birthdays
  • Corporate Award Ceremonies
  • Retirement Parties
  • Weddings
  • School Events

And so many more! Pipe and drape kits are all-around perfect for any great event in your life.

Pipe and Drape Fabric Uses

Kits aren’t just for trade show booths! They’re put to good use for:

  • Backdrops: Create a place to take great photos in an open space with a pipe and drape fabric kit! Drape your favorite fabric and capture everlasting moments.
  • Canopies: Add an elegant touch at a wedding or special event with a canopy! Pipe and drape kits are flexible and are easily manipulated into a beautiful canopy for your lovely occasion.
  • Cycloramas: Showcase an important moment with this 360 degree pipe and drape setup. Cycloramas are educational, but also an interesting way to display anything.
  • Photo Booths: Add some fun to any party with a DIY photo booth! Pipe and drape systems can be set up as an enclosure allowing for photos to be taken.

Pipe and Drape Fabric Rental at Canvas Etc.

Is your pipe and drape need temporary? At Canvas Etc, we offer rentals on our pipe and drape systems for any event! Whether you’re looking for 100 polyester based drapery in various dye lots and a quick set up pipe kit for your milestone event, we have all the supplies you’ll add to cart to ensure you’re prepared for your special occasion.

Contact us today to learn more.