The Pros and Cons of Used Pipe and Drape Kits

The Pros and Cons of Used Pipe and Drape Kits

Everyone knows that people make snap decisions based on their first impressions. When you meet a person for the first time, it only takes seconds for them to decide how they feel about you. This is why it is so important to make a great first impression. This is especially important when you are representing your company. The way you present your company can be the difference that affects the bottom line. This is why when looking to set up trade show booths, a photo booth, or if you’re looking for any kind of drape backdrops, drape kits are essential to putting your best foot forward.

Pipe and Drape
Pipe and Drape

What Are Pipe and Drape Kits?

If you’re looking at getting together a new pipe and drape kits, or even if you’re looking at used pipe and drape kits, there is a lot to consider. In short, pipe and drape is used to build a “false wall” or to mask an area. They are commonly used to divide rooms or set up separate spaces, for backdrops for conferences or even as backdrops for weddings. Pipe and drape kits consists of 4 parts. These parts consist of uprights, bases, drapes and drape supports.

The kit is meant to build a barrier, and as such it’s basically a pair of pipes that hold up a curtain. So the uprights are the vertical poles while the drape support is the horizontal pole that holds the drape. The base is meant just to hold the uprights. Many people chose to use steel bases because the added weight helps in holding the kit up. Some people choose to also add rubber weights to the base to ensure it does not tip over.

Whatever your choice in materials, there are also storage considerations to take into account. Some backdrop stands can be unscrewed and broken down to make storage easier and take less space. Breaking down the display also makes transportation easier.

Who Uses Pipe and Drape Kits?

There are many people, entities, and organizations who use pipe and drape kits. If your organization needs a high quality and cost effective backdrop, you should consider a pipe and drape kit. Here are some people who are already using pipe and drape kits.

  1. Businesses – Many different businesses choose to have a collection of used pipe and drape kits. This is especially important when businesses have grown to the national level. Businesses are able to send employees across the country to represent their interests at trade shows and conventions. 
  2. Weddings – pipe and drape kits have a place at weddings too. Not only can they be used to separate the wedding from any other parties that may be happening in the same building, but it can also be used to hide unwanted architecture. If there are ugly support beams that you wouldn’t want your guests seeing (or running into), you should consider concealing them. 
  3. Photobooth Operators – Many photo booth operators choose to used pipe and drape kits because it is an easy to transport option. Operators can take many different color or style fabrics with them as well. This allows them to please their customers by offering a large selection of backdrops.
  4. Conventions – Conventions are another place that many people choose to used pipe and drape kits. Again, artists, performers, or any other professional can easily transport their own pipe and drape kit. 
  5. Banquets – Banquets often choose to use pipe and drape kits to section off separate parties. Most banquets can accommodate multiple parties at one time, and by creating a barrier, they are able to keep guests in the correct section. Pipe and drape kits can also be used to set up staging areas. Servers can use this area to store prepared foods before being distributed to guests. 

The Pros of Pipe and Drape Kits

Because so many people use pipe and drape kits, it’s easy to see how they are useful. But it is still a good idea to consider why they are such a useful piece of equipment.

  • Can Easily be Transported – For on the go professionals, used pipe and drape kits are ideal. You won’t have to worry about how you will transport your kit because a section can be broken down and stored in even a modest sized car. 
  • Customization to Environment or Needs – Used pipe and drape kits can easily be customized to meet your needs. If being used at a convention hall, you can use a single 6 foot pipe to section your booth. Or you can use a double wide 12 foot drape support if you need more room. Multiple kits can be used together as well to create a small “room” for your booth. At banquets or weddings, the organizer can choose from any color or material that will best suit the event.
  • Affordable – Used pipe and drapes kits are a much more affordable option when compared to more permanent installations. And if you wanted to change the color or material, you would only have to buy the fabric and not the hardware. Even if you bought wholesale pipe, you could make multiple used pipe and drape kits on your own for a very affordable price.
  • Open Air for Photos – For indoor photography, used pipe and drape kits are great. Clients can choose from a selection of backgrounds, but for many people the open air aspect is fantastic. Some people can become claustrophobic in an actual photo booth, so simply having a backdrop for clients to pose in front of is a great choice that can help alleviate any tension.

The Cons of Used Pipe and Drape Kits

While pipe and drape kits are extremely useful, it is still important to consider some of their downsides.

  • Very Light – While you can look at the ease of transportation as a benefit, the lightness of a used pipe and drape kit means it will be difficult to use outside on a windy day. This isn’t a concern if you plan to use it indoors, but it is something to consider if you’ll be using it for a photobooth that may be outside. This con can be mitigated if you also purchase some weights for your bases.
  • Needs Space – Most pipe and drape kits need to be placed in a straight line. This is something to consider if you’ll be using it indoors in a small space. However, this can also be fixed with the use of a telescoping drape support. This would allow you to change the amount of space needed to set up your pipe and drape kit, and will also allow you to change its length on-the-fly.
  • Setup Time – While a pipe and drape kit is easy to transport, you will need time to set it up when you get to your destination. Buying the right kit for your purposes can also help with set up time considerably. A slip-fit system is very popular because it allows you to connect your bases and supports very easily and quickly.

New vs Used Pipe and Drape Kits

Now that we’ve gone through the pros and cons of using a pipe and drape kit, let’s consider buying a kit either new or used.

  • Cost – The biggest difference between a new or used pipe and drape kits is the cost. It might cost a little more than used kits, but you’ll be able to get exactly what you want to fit your needs. Buying used kits, you might have to deal with pieces that have become damaged through use or fabrics that have become stained or damaged though improper handling. As long as you get the hardware you need,  you can change the drape.
  • Selection – Obviously, buying new will afford you the widest selection. If you contact some manufacturers you may even be able to order custom materials or designs. Though that can cost more, and you may need to allow extra time if you are going to order something custom. Buying used means that you will buy what they have right then and there. You will get your product quicker, though you might sacrifice design or quality.
  • Size – Again, if you order new, you can get the exact size that you’re looking for. If you buy used, you will have to take what is on hand. This could be inconvenient if you need a specialty size. You may have to wait until you find the exact size you’re looking for.

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