The Best Event Drapes for Sale

The Best Event Drapes for Sale

Wholesale pipe and drape systems dominate the hospitality industry. From large trade shows to upscale events, heavy duty pipe and drape kits establish the look and feel for any event. Discover our event drapes for sale.

Cutting your costs doesn’t have to affect how your event will ultimately look. Wholesaling allows for your event to have the look you want at a cost you can afford. Learn more on how wholesale pipe and drape systems help add sophistication to any special occasion.

Pipe and Drape Kits: Trade Show Booths

As stated, trade show events call for pipe and drape kits. Trade show booths become transformed with wholesale pipe and drape systems. If you’re hosting a trade show at a large convention center or civic center, Canvas Etc is your solution based business for such occasions.

We’ll help stock your event with our excellent pipe and drape kits at a wholesale cost. Once you’ve assessed your needs, we’ll ensure you have everything you need for a successful gathering.

Not entirely sure on what you’ll need? We’ll outline the best of the best for your wholesale pipe and drape systems. We offer the ins and outs of all that will be necessary to ensure your pipe and drape kit is complete and set up with ease.

Piping for Wholesale Pipe and Drape Systems

There are several components for wholesale pipe and drape systems. Piping in a kit plays a main role. The elements of any pipe system depend on the style of event you’re launching. Will your event be held over a long period of time, or just for a weekend? Regardless of the event, Canvas Etc has all of your piping needs covered. Some elements for piping you’ll consider are:

  • Bases: For a heavy duty wholesale pipe and drape system, you’ll need a sturdy base. Bases provide stability so that your pipe and drape kit doesn’t easily tip over. These bases come in different varieties for your setup.
  • Uprights: Upright piping is the most common form of pipe in a pipe and drape kit. Upright pipes lift your pipe and drape kit up to a desired length. Upright piping also comes in a telescopic or fixed option. If you’re looking to adjust the height of your kit, telescopic is your best bet. If you want to set it and forget it, a fixed option works well.
  • Crossbars: Without a proper crossbar, you wouldn’t have a place to hang your drapery! Crossbars hang horizontally on your pipe and drape kit and gain support from upright piping.
  • Pipe Covers: Cover unsightly piping for an elegant event with pipe covers. Coverings can match your drapes or contrast it. Pipe covers will seamlessly slide over your piping and enhance your setup overall.

These items and others make up a fraction of your wholesale pipe and drape system. The other major component of a pipe and drape kit is drapery!

Top 5 Event Drape for Sale

Drapery for wholesale pipe and drape systems is where style meets your personality! The selection depends upon the event itself. Despite other factors, wholesale drapery for an event or special occasion is an important choice.

Some options for wholesale drapery are:

  1. Commando Drape: Commando drapery is a staple fabric for most trade show booths and gatherings alike. With its 98% opacity, this dark fabric is perfect for professional, classic settings.
  2. Duvetyne Drape: Duvetyne drape is one of the more economical drapery options on the market for your event. This twill fabric is perfect for all sorts of occasions and won’t break the bank. It is also fire-resistant.
  3. Poly Premier Drape: Poly Premier, or simply Premier drape is predominately used within the hospitality industry. This versatile fabric is 100% polyester and inherently flame retardant. This fabric drapes beautifully and is ideal for a number of wholesale pipe and drape systems.  
  4. Sheer Voile Drape: When you’re looking for a classy, elegant fabric, sheer voile does the trick. This transparent drapery works well with uplighting and makes for wonderful wedding backdrop setups.
  5. Velour Drape: Velour drapery is the fabric when you’re looking to add tasteful and posh backdrops. The backdrops stand tall with this plush, gorgeous fabric. Add your own personal style from our various color selection.

These selections and more offer shining examples for wholesale drapery for your pipe and drape kit.

Fire Resistant Drapery

Most of our drape varieties are flame resistant or fire retardant (FR). These textiles, tested against the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 701, is the standard at which textiles test for flame resistance.

Fire retardant tests happen through the NFPA 701 outline. When testing isn’t handled in a lab or contained environment, it’s performed via the 705 field test. The NFPA 701 tests the resistance of a fabric that hasn’t been tested before and determines the classification of fire retardants.

If our textiles aren’t FR, they’re IFR (inherently fire retardant). IFR fabrics are fire retardant because they do not require special processing or chemicals to classify as fire retardant. Fabrics that gain fire retardant properties through alternative processing or enhanced with fire retardant chemicals classify as simply FR, or fire retardant.

Wholesale Event Drapes for Sale

Wholesale event drapes for sale aren’t just for trade shows! Some other events that utilize wholesale pipe and drape are:

  • Fashion Shows: An upscale fashion show requires enhanced and elevated looks. Wholesale pipe and drape kits work well for establishing the look you need for your fashion show or event.
  • Weddings: Wedding backdrops display beautifully with pipe and drape kits. Assemble wedding canopies and make your reception room pop with our amazing selection of pipe and drape options. Make your special day one to remember with wholesale pipe and drape kits.
  • Corporate Events: Are you looking to enhance your corporate event? Think about dressing your space up with pipe and drape systems! These kits take a room from shabby to professional in no time. Great for award ceremonies and training events.
  • Museum Exhibits: Display a collection of artifacts or otherwise with our event drapes for sale. Create cycloramas and dazzling rooms with the fine selection of pipe and drape accessories we offer.

No matter the space or occasion, Canvas Etc supplies top quality pipe and drape systems at a low price you won’t be able to pass up!

Canvas Etc: Wide Variety of Event Drapes for Sale

At Canvas Etc, we understand how important your event setup is. Our experts are available to assist you in selecting all the things you’ll need for your pipe and drape systems.

Are you looking at wholesale options? We proudly offer competitive options when it comes to pipe and drape systems. We’re here to align you with all of your pipe and drape kit needs so that your next event is stocked up appropriately and affordably.

Need to learn more about the best event drapes for sale, and what will work for you? Contact us today.