Table Runner – A Quick and Easy DIY Project

Table Runner Craft Project

A table runner is a decorative strip of cloth material fabric that can vary in width, length and decorative adornments, and which is intended to run the span of the table. A table runner has been used since the Middle Ages, and in this time, these running table cloths were actually used to wipe the faces of the people that were dining. They were also used to protect the table from food and drink spills.  At the end of the meal, the table runner would be removed (often placed on top of an actual table cloth), and then hand washed.

Today, table runners have a similar purpose for catching spilled drink and food, but they also provide a nice interior home decor accent feature. You can use your very own hand-crafted table runner with or without a table cloth, and to create either a nice harmony, or a stark contrast of colors and designs. One thing is for certain, a good and well-made table runner can provide a very nice color, interest and texture to either a formal or an informal dining experience. Use your own hand-crafted table runner to really dress up a kitchen or dining room (though they can also be used on end tables and buffets and side tables, of course)!

This Table runner project is a very easy one to accomplish, and is meant to be a fun one for beginners. Moderate to advanced sewists can embellish upon this, and add layers and other accents as they see fit. This project should take under 15 minutes, and you can create one for every season or event/ celebration!

Materials Required for Your Very Own DIY Table Runner: 

Table runner
Table runner

Instructions to Create a Quick, Easy, and Hand-Made Table Runner:

  1. Place the right sides of the fabric material together, and then stitch the long edges together. Create a 1/2” seam.
  2. Press the seam away from the fabric’s center.
  3. Turn the right sides out so that you have created a long tube.
  4. Lay the material on the ironing board, and press flat and even. Iron the material such that the theme print is bordered evenly on the long sides with the coordinating back fabric (could be printed or solid).
  5. Trim the short ends vertically even.
  6. Fold the fabric tube in half lengthwise with the theme print out.
  7. Stitch a ½” seam on both short ends of the tube.
  8. Press the seams open.
  9. Now Turn the seams inside to form a point.
  10. Press in place.
  11. This step allows for you to stitch a button or other decorative items as the edge of the short seams, but is not necessary if this does not fit your preference and design style.

If you would like to get a good sense of the weight, and texture of the fabric, you can always order fabric swatch samples here, or custom, on-demand printed fabric here. Often times, these runners are produced with holiday and Christmas designs, and a favorite color choice is often golden yellow. A floral print also makes for a great looking and eye catching table runner.

If you wanted to further enhance your dining setting, you can lay 2 runners across each other on a round table and that would form an “X.” For longer and rectangular tables, ensure that the “drop ends” of the table runner do not exceed a 6 inch fall from the 2 edges of the table. You can also add a visually interesting  centerpiece on the absolute center of the table runner(s).

So there you have a very easy and quick project to craft your very own table runner and which is guaranteed to compliment your mealtime table setting, and to also create a visually appealing Tablescape that will instantaneously add a sophisticated touch of elegance to your kitchen or dining room’s decor!