Discontinued – Waxed Canvas Fabric | 12 oz Olive Drab | 36″ Width

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Uses for this waxed cotton include: steam pipe wraps, welding blankets, Military covers, tents, tarps, shelters and other outdoor applications. Not to be used for backpacks or luggage due to slight odor from Canvak. Do not dry clean this waxed canvas fabric; spot clean only.

Note: All Canvas Material is sold by the linear yard(s). Most orders are shipped folded, certain items 10 yards or more will be shipped on a tube. If you need your order to ship on a tube, please click the box on the cart page. Primed artist canvas is the only item shipped on a tube regardless of length.

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Select your quantity below. Note: the quantity is the number of linear yards. A quantity of 5 equals 5 linear yards (each linear yard measures 36inches long).

Color pictured is a representation of the color standard and is subject to shade and weight variations. Bright and deep colors are subject to crocking or bleeding and should not be mixed with white or light colors in the same product or garment. No guarantees can be made regarding light and color fastness. Fabric should be tested for specific requirements prior to cutting as no claims are allowed on processed or altered goods


Waxed Canvas Fabric | Olive Drab | 12 oz | 36″ Width

Waxed canvas fabric is a process of applying wax to a 12 oz single filled duck fabric. This takes a relatively lightweight weak fabric and makes it strong, durable, mildew resistant and water repellent. The fabric is very popular for outdoor applications like farm equipment covers, hay bale covers, shelters, and other tarpaulin applications. This particular treatment is called Canvak™ and can only be applied by Buckeye fabric finishers. This fabric has a slight wax odor, so industrial sewing machines for sewing would be the better option to utilize.

This tough outdoor fabric was built to last. This fabric is also used in tarps for the oil and gas industry to cover steam pipes. There is about 6 oz/sq yd of wax added to the fabric making it water repellent and puncture resistant. Fabric width is about 36″ and 1 yard weighs about 1.5 lbs. Do not use to make products like bags, pouches, luggage or any lifestyle products as the fabric has a slight odor to it from the application of the solution to make it fire retardant and water repellent. Slight wax odor, and the wax may rub off.

Waxed Canvas Fabric Uses

  • Welding blankets
  • Military covers
  • Tents
  • Tarps
  • Shelters
  • Outdoor applications

If you want a flame retardant version of this canvas click on our Pyrosnuff waxed fabric. Request fabric in different widths, weights and colors. To do this we have to run full dye lots. If you have a custom project that needs a lighter weight or heavier weight cotton duck, please feel free to call us regarding wholesale pricing and dye lots.

Waxed Canvas Fabric Features

Weight: 18.5 oz/sq yd after waxed finish, dry weight 12 oz/ sq yd

Width (inches): 36

Laundering: Spot clean only. Do not dry clean or have laundered.

Warning: Do not use this for backpacks or luggage, for outdoor covers and shelters only. Color may run.

Content: 100% Cotton Duck (base fabric)

Coating: Wax

Finish: Waterproof, Mildew Resistant

Weave: Oxford weave

Did you know?

Water repellent fabric– Repel water of the fabric just like water of a duck’s back, but if water strikes with enough force it will go through the fabric. Our sunforger fabrics are water repellent.

Waterproof fabric– Will not get wet regardless of the amount of time exposed to water, or whatever force water does strike the fabric. Our vinyl fabrics are also ideal waterproof options.

Oxford weave –This waxed cotton canvas is made with a 12 oz single fill duck. The weave pattern of this cotton duck is called an oxford weave (or 2 x 1 basket weave). Oxford weave fabrics are mid-weight, have a soft hand, and are slightly porous. Because it’s slightly porous, the wax coating is able to penetrate right through the fabric and cures well.

Check out for more on canvas and duck.

*Fabrics are mostly water and flame resistant, but sometimes water and flame proof depending on how long the fabric exposed to those conditions.*

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