Waxed Canvas – Army Duck | Yellow | 60″ Width

$25.10 / linear yard (58"W X 3ft L)

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Strong, durable, cotton based fabric treated with grades and qualities of waxes. These fabrics stay flexible at cold temperatures, good water repellency, non-transferability. Due to the nature of this wax, expect greater shade variation in comparison to standard dyed cotton fabrics. The unique property of this canvas is to have crack or crease marks. Most times these can be removed by using a medium hot iron over brown paper.
Uses: bags, pouches, saddle packs, tote bags, backpacks, luggage, wilderness packs, adventure gear, apparel, turnout blankets, rainwear, dog beds, vests and many other applications where defense against the elements is critical!

Volume Breaks: 50-99 Yards – 5% Off, 100 yards – 10% Off

Select your quantity below. Note: the quantity is the number of linear yards. A quantity of 5 equals 5 linear yards (each linear yard measures 36inches long).

Note: All Canvas Material is sold by the linear yard. Most orders are shipped folded; certain items 10 yards or more will be shipped on a tube. If you need your order to ship on a tube, please click the box on the cart page. Primed artist canvas is the only item shipped on a tube regardless of length. Color pictured is a representation of the color standard and is subject to shade and weight variations. Bright and deep colors are subject to crocking or bleeding and should not be mixed with white or light colors in the same product or garment. No guarantees can be made regarding light and color fastness. Fabric should be tested for specific requirements prior to cutting as no claims are allowed on processed or altered goods.


Waxed Canvas – 10.10 oz Army Duck | Yellow | 58/60″ Width

This is the ideal waxed canvas for bags, luggage, totes, and other adventure gear. This fabric is durable and meant to last! If you are looking for where to buy waxed canvas and a consistent supply-side of waxed canvas, then you have come to the right online fabric store!

Unlike our Pyrosnuff and Canvak the wax (color) on this fabric won’t rub off as easily. Waxed canvas has been used for many years without washing. Darker colors tend not to soil or stain as easily as lighter colors. If soiling does occur, do not launder, or use detergent to wash this fabric. Waxed canvas fabrics should be treated like leather, spot clean with a hose, soft scrub brush or damp cloth. For stubborn stains use saddle soap, or flake soap (not detergent) and this will work effectively in removing any blemishes or soiling. NEVER use detergent (liquid or powdered), or dry clean.

Fabric Features: water repellent, mildew resistant,rugged, long lasting, strong

Uses: tarps, backpacks, saddle bags, luggage, messenger bags, bike bags, adventure packs and other outdoor gear

Weight: 13.5 ounces/ square yard: base fabric weight 10.10 oz, wax add-on ~ 3.5 oz/ sq yd

Width (inches): 58|60

Content: 100% Cotton Army Duck Canvas

Coating: Wax

Color: Yellow

Finish: Tough wax finish

Yarn: N/A

Weave: Plain

Laundering: Do not dry clean, launder, or use detergent. Clean with garden hose, soft scrub brush or damp cloth. Iron on low heat with a thing cloth barrier between the fabric and the iron. For heavy stains, use saddle soap.

Our waxed cotton duck fabrics can be finished in different widths, weights and colors. To do this we have to run full dye lots. If you have a custom project that needs a lighter weight or heavier weight cotton duck, please feel free to call us regarding wholesale pricing and dye lots at phone # – 404-514-7166.

Army duck canvas comes in a variety of weights, from a lightweight 8 oz to heavy 15 oz army duck. All this at factory direct pricing and quick shipping! If you are looking for a consistent source of always in-stock duck fabric, then you have come to the right online fabric store! We have the duck fabric, and we know the duck fabric!

Did you know?

Original waxed cotton duck fabrics were used in England and Scotland as sails. Waxed cotton duck can be traced back to Egyptians using linseed oil as their wax. Problem with waxed fabrics is it becomes stiff in the cold.

For a little history on waxed cotton duck, check out Wikipedia.

If you would like to review and compare our full color range of waxed canvas options, please click-thru here.

*Fabrics are mostly water and flame resistant, but sometimes water and flame proof depending on how long the fabric is exposed to those conditions*

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