Solgard 18 oz Textured Vinyl Awning Fabric 88.5″ Wide

$17.00 / linear yard

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Solgard awning fabric offers excellent resistance to mildew and UV rays, making it ideal for waterproof projects in sunny, high-moisture areas. Crafted from durable polyester, it’s suitable for various applications and available in a range of colors for your project needs.

Uses:  Awnings, Tents, Yurts and more


Solgard 18 oz Specialty Vinyl, The realm of specialized textiles is fascinatingly vast, offering innovative solutions for an extensive range of
applications. In the spotlight today is the 18 oz specialty vinyl, a stellar material celebrated for its resilience, versatility,
and durability. With its primary use in awnings, yurt walls, and an array of fabric structures, it’s garnered notable
recognition in both personal and commercial sectors.


Embracing Versatility and Durability

The 18 oz specialty vinyl isn’t; merely a textile; it’s a testament to the remarkable advancements in the fabric industry.
Its robust nature, weight, and thickness make it a reliable choice for various applications. Notably, it has a significant
presence in the creation of awnings, offering shade and aesthetic appeal to commercial and residential structures.
Moreover, its utilization in yurt walls and other fabric structures underscores its robustness and durability.

Characteristic Excellence: The Features

Diving deep into its attributes, the 18 oz vinyl is popular for its high resistance to weather, tear, UV rays, mildew, and
even fire, in treated fabrics. The substantial weight of this vinyl ensures a sag-free and taut application, making it ideal
for structures that demand resilience against wind and other environmental forces. With a variety of colors, finishes,
and textures available, it doesn’t compromise on aesthetic flexibility.

A Glimpse at the History of Vinyl

The journey of vinyl traces its roots back to the 1920s, a product of evolving chemical industries and an increasing
demand for new materials. It was initially revered for its electrical insulation properties but over the years, vinyl’s
remarkable adaptability shone through. It was found to resist moisture, chemical breakdown, and remained durable in
various environmental conditions, sparking an era where vinyl found applications across numerous industries, from the
automotive realm to the world of fashion and interior design.
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or vinyl, as it's commonly known, became an invaluable asset during the World War II era,
where it was utilized to insulate wiring in military vehicles and ships, thanks to its excellent resilience and non-
conductivity. In the subsequent decades, vinyl’s versatility was leveraged further, finding itself being utilized in records,
flooring, and eventually, specialized textiles like our highlighted 18 oz specialty vinyl. From those historical times, vinyl
has emerged, not only as a solution for industrial applications but also as an architect of aesthetic, durable, and
protective structures in fabric realms.

Multipurpose Mastery: Applications of 18 oz Specialty Vinyl

1. Awnings
A synthesis of durability and aesthetics, vinyl excels in awning applications. Whether it’s a quaint patio awning for a
cozy café or a large, bold commercial entryway, this fabric retains its visual and structural integrity over time, standing
tall against the elements.

2. Yurt Walls
The traditional yurt, with its elegant design and historical significance, can benefit from the modern robustness of this
specialty vinyl. Its strong, waterproof, and insulative properties make it an excellent outer layer, safeguarding the
interior against harsh weather while maintaining a comfortable internal environment.

3. Fabric Structures
From temporary event tents to permanent fabric structures like carports or storage units, this specialty vinyl assures
stability, waterproofing, and a sturdy build, ensuring a secure and safe covering or enclosure.

Benefits at a Glance

● Weather Resistant: Capable of withstanding sun, wind, and rain, ensuring longevity in varying conditions.
● Color Retention: Resists fading and retains the original vibrancy, even with prolonged exposure to UV rays.
● Mildew and Fire Resistant: Protects against microbial deterioration and, with specific treatments, can resist
fire, adhering to safety standards.
● Easy Maintenance: Repels dirt and is easily cleanable, ensuring a visually pleasing appearance with minimal

Care Instructions: Ensuring Longevity of Your Vinyl

While 18 oz specialty vinyl boasts low maintenance, ensuring its peak condition requires adherence to specific care
guidelines. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water, avoiding harsh chemicals, and using a soft brush can
effectively stave off dirt and mildew. For minor damage, vinyl repair kits come in handy, while professional intervention
may be required for significant wear and tear.
When it comes to storage, it's imperative to ensure the vinyl is completely dry to prevent mildew growth. Rolling
instead of folding, and storing in a cool, dry place will aid in maintaining its form and functionality.
For sewing enthusiasts and businesses alike, working with 18 oz vinyl requires a sturdy sewing machine, ideally with a
walking foot to navigate the material’s thickness. Using a high-quality, UV-resistant thread will further augment its

Our specialty vinyl stands out as a remarkable material in the vast fabric universe, effortlessly blending durability with
aesthetic flexibility. Whether you’re a hobbyist eager to embark on a new project or a business striving to provide
enduring fabric solutions, this robust material promises a synthesis of form and function, ensuring your creations not
only stand out but stand strong against the test of time and elements.

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Expert Guidance

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Customization Capabilities

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End-to-End Support

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