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Uses for this high quality painters bag include: camping tote, beach tote, firewood tote, art supply tote, reusable grocery bag, picnic tote, and tool bag.


Painters Bag

Painters bag – simply designed for efficient organization. Perfect for the plein-air artist.

Painters Bag Uses

  • Camping tote
  • Beach tote
  • Firewood tote
  • Art supply tote
  • Picnic tote
  • Grocery bag
  • Tool bag

Bag Features

Weight: 14.5 oz/ sq yd (fabric)

Dimensions in inches: 14″ x 13″ x 4″ (roughly)

Content: 100% Cotton Duck (base fabric)

Pockets: 10 small, 5 medium, 3 large, 1 main compartment

Finish: None, natural mid-weight canvas duck

Cleaning: Spot clean only

Features: 14.5 oz (#10 cotton duck) canvas, durable, sturdy, compact

*Fabrics are mostly water and flame resistant, but sometimes water and flame proof depending on how long the fabric is exposed to those conditions*

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Stenciled painters bag
Stenciled painters bag

Looking for an easy and cool way to spruce up a simple and plain painters bag? Why not try a DIY painting project, and use acrylic fabric paint wholly transform the generic bag into something entirely new and unique?

Fabric paints come in a wide selection of colors and finishes so you can be completely unrestrained with your design. You could even add buttons and decorative stitching with embroidery threads to highlight specific areas of your design.

You Will Need:

  1. Fabric Acrylic Paint sets, available at a local crafts store or online
  2. White/ natural canvas painters bag


  • Freezer paper
  • Pencil
  • Iron
  • One inch flat Paintbrush
  • Foam plate or foil

How to Make a Designer styled Painters Bag:

  1. Carefully press the painters bag with the hot iron to remove wrinkles.
  2. Cut the piece of freezer paper approximately the same exact size of the painters bag.
  3. After selecting your preferred image, use the pencil to create the rough sketch of the image on the freezer paper.
  4. Carefully using your fingers, tear or cut the outside shape of image to create a stencil.
  5. Tear out center part of stencil and place in center. Iron on center stencil piece to the painters bag.
  6. By now, you have most likely selected your preferred colors of acrylic paint. Pour them onto the foam plate.
  7. Dip paintbrush into the acrylic paint and use wide strokes to paint open areas of stencil. Let dry.
  8. Remove center stencil from the painters bag.
  9. Continue painting the stencil and image as you want, always allowing to dry before moving the stencil or adding new layers.

DIY stenciling a painters bag

And there you have it! A new, unique custom DIY hand-crafted painters bag ready to use, to enjoy and show off for years to come!

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