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All Wiro sketch books are made with Khadi Rag paper pages. åÊKhadi Rag Papers – Artist Paper made from 100% long fibered cotton rag, resulting in exceptional strength and durability. They are tub sized (surface sized) with Gelatine. For watercolor and all painting and drawing media. For oil paint prime with gesso or acrylic primer. Acid free.


Khadi paper India are uniquely handmade papers from Asia. They‰’re offerings are vast, and elevate artwork and all sorts of projects. At Canvas ETC., we carry the finest selection of khadi paper for all of your needs.

Whether you‰’re a sketch artist or a do-it-yourselfer, our artisan paper packs make for interesting work. Their versatility, strength and durability offer a one-of-a-kind paper experience over traditionally manufactured wood pulp paper. Plus, they‰Ûªre a statement piece that will house your exclusive art for many time to come.

No matter the style or type, khadi paper India is ideal for any creative person looking to expand into an interesting medium.

Khadi Paper India Roots

Looking back in time, the first traces of cotton based paper used in India dates all the way back to the 4th century! Used primarily for letter writing, this rough surfaced version of khadi was born on various fleets of ships. Today, it serves for entirely different purposes.

With the rise of traditional paper came certain set backs. Paper made from wood pulp, although universally utilized, was not as strong as rag papers like khadi paper. To this day, printed money doesn‰’t derive from basic paper– it‰Ûªs made with a cotton and linen blend!

Fibers like cotton or linen are naturally strong and stand against wear and tear. Khadi paper India provides that same strength and durability unlike its plain paper counterpart.

Also, the production of khadi paper allowed for some semblance of balance to the Indian economy. It gave local artists the ability to work on its manufacturing and distribution globally.

How Rag Papers are Made

The production of khadi paper india is a fascinating process. To start, the papers are first cotton rags. These cotton rags are sought from various forms.

Whether they’re used from recycled clothing like t-shirts or otherwise, the rags are initially pulped. Pulping happens with the assistance of a Hollander beater, which collects the pulp needed for the paper. Next, the pH becomes balanced, making the paper acid free.

The khadi paper is tub sized surface sized because it is handmade sheet by sheet, and not on a roll. The paper forms into a mold to then lay out to dry. If the paper‰’s mold over forms, deckle edges form on the perimeters of the page..

Depending on how the pulp is initially processed, the paper will have a rough or smooth surface. Also, once the pulping process ends, khadi papers that are meant to have color go through their dyeing process. Overall, this handmade process helps create amazing work for the artisans of India.

Cotton Rag Paper and the Environment

Not only does khadi paper India support Indian families and citizens alike, it’s also made sustainably. The paper is made eco-consciously with minor impact to the environment.åÊkhadi paper india cotton

The water used in the production of cotton rag paper collects from wells and rainwater. When it goes through the papermaking cycle, it‰’s recycled for irrigation use. This helps local land cultivators grow and sustain their own businesses.

The paper itself does not harm any trees. In fact, the cotton fibers aren‰Ûªt even taken from their plants; they’re upcycled from old garments!

All in all, the production of khadi paper doesn‰Ûªt only produce unique, high quality sheets of paper– it also helps the planet.

Khadi Paper‰’s Impact

As previously mentioned, purchasing khadi paper sends a ripple effect in many different ways. Most importantly, khadi paper India assists a large amount of people in India financially.

India houses an abundant amount of people from different socioeconomic backgrounds. The establishments that manufacture khadi paper base themselves as an equal opportunity endeavor, allowing for a wonderful balance of many artisans hand making paper.

They stimulate different economies as well. Not only does the creation of khadi paper assist the community, but different types of businesses as well. The textile and agricultural sectors in India benefit from khadi papers by the contributions given and received from its manufacture.

Overall, khadi paper helps the people help not only themselves, but others. Therefore, the impact assists not only economically, but socially as well.

Khadi Paper India: An Artist‰’s Best Friend

khadi paper india

At Canvas ETC., we‰’re all about the artist‰’s journey. Supplying the creative allows us to offer something as exclusive as our khadi paper wiro sketchbooks. These sketchbooks are ideal for the artist on the go.

No matter the media, our khadi sketchbooks are perfect for drawing, painting, collaging– you name it! Because the paper soaks up your media, allowing for bold colors to come through and not fade quickly over time. You can also apply coats of gesso to prime the paper‰’s surface.

The paper has a balanced pH and is made all naturally without chemical processes. Also, our offerings come in various sizes and weights depending on what will work best for you.

Therefore, if you‰’re researching for your next sketchbook purchase, you needn‰’t look any further. This sketchbook will help you create all sorts of artwork that you will be proud of.

Magnificent Uses for Khadi Papers

So, as you‰’ve learned, khadi paper isn‰’t only best used in artwork. It‰’s also used for:

  • Personalized Gift Wrap: Our khadi paper India offering is not only used as drawing media, but makes great gift wrap too! Draw on it before you use it to wrap up a loved one‰’s gift, adding an extra element of beauty.
  • Stencil Making: Cut shapes and designs into the cotton rag paper to make stencils! Use them to paint designs on your walls or even teach little ones about new shapes.
  • Invitations: Step outside of the box with this natural paper. Make your event even more special with these hand crafted, artisanal sheets.
  • Mixed Media Artwork: Khadi paper works great for mixed media! Use acrylic, watercolors, charcoal, pencil, pen, or marker and more together on one sheet to create a one of a kind mixed media masterpiece.

Artist Paper Uses & Features

  • Watercolor
  • All painting
  • Drawing media
  • For oil paint prime with gesso or acrylic primer
  • Balanced pH

Paper shipped in a long tubular box to avoid folds.

Khadi Paper Specs

  • 2100 gsm or 100 lb paper
  • 30 Pages
  • 6″ x 8″
  • Smooth Textured Paper
  • Deckled Edges

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