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All Wiro sketch books are made with Khadi Rag paper pages. åÊKhadi Rag Papers – Artist Paper made from 100% long fibered cotton rag, resulting in exceptional strength and durability. They are tub sized (surface sized) with Gelatine. For watercolor and all painting and drawign media. For oil paint prime with gesso or acrylic primer. Acid free.


For an artist, there‰’s nothing quite more important than their sketchbook. Whether a physical book or a digital sketchbook online, it‰’s plain to see why this is their most important tool.

Sketchbooks capture an artist‰’s essence. From conception to realization, a sketchbook showcases an artist‰’s growth through their work. Whether oils, acrylics, pen or pencil, Canvas ETC.‰’s Khadi paper wiro sketchbook is perfect for the budding creative.

Why Sketchbooks?

Finding a sketchbook online isn‰’t difficult. Many major art outfits carry this token object for any artist. What‰’s special about our sketchbooks are the sheets that lay inside of them.

Khadi paper materializes directly from India. This fine rag paper remains to this day processed with long cotton fibers that eventually create unique, artisan paper. The paper itself is ideal for artists who crave versatility in their materials.

The paper works well with so many things– pen, pencil, charcoal, watercolors, oils, and more! Khadi papers are sturdy and durable for all sorts of uses and grab to whatever material you use with ease.

Sketchbook Online Vs. Physical Sketchbook

Some artist choose to create their work digitally. This makes a digital sketchbook online ideal. However, a physical sketchbook has some appeal over its digital counterpart.

Physical sketchbooks like our Khadi Paper Wiro Sketchbook aren‰’t cumbersome to carry around with you everywhere. A laptop is heavier, slightly more laborious, and requires charging. Our sketchbooks also fit in most bags.

While a digital sketchbook offers more space to create, our sketchbooks put true materials on a physical page. You will feel your work in real time, where digital books and stylus sensitivities may sometimes hinder that.

Overall, it‰Ûªs an artist‰’s choice. However, the artist usually requires a mixture of both physical and digital, making the khadi sketchbook a great option.

Paper Styles

A sketchbook online doesn‰’t allow for different paper styles and weights. This offering in 10‰” x 11″ houses a standard paper weight of 100 LB, or 210 GSM.

The varying paper styles carried by Canvas ETC. allow for an artist to choose what will work best for their work. Paper weights and styles enhance a creative‰’s artwork overall.

Uses for Khadi Paper Sketchbooks

As previously mentioned, our sketchbooks are the premium choice for any style of artist. They also work well as:

  • Scrapbooks: Keep all of your precious memories between the pages of this wonderful sketchbook! The paper has a balanced pH making it safe for pictures and other momentos. Remember the milestones with this offering.
  • School Notebooks: Class notes and lists for school are important for any student to remember! Stay organized this school year with this khadi paper sketchbook.
  • Bullet Journals: Bullet journals are all the rage! Bring wellness and a plan with you everywhere with this great khadi paper sketchbook.

If you‰’re looking to purchase our sketchbooks in bulk or want to learn more on how they can benefit your day to day, contact one of our experts today.

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