Khadi Paper Black Wiro Sketch Book (Album) WB4 10″ x 11″ 440 gsm

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Black Wiro Sketch Books (albums) are amde with Khadi Rag Paper. Khadi Rag Papers – Artist Paper made from 100% long fibered cotton rag, resulting in exceptional strength and durability. They are tub sized (surface sized) with Gelatine. For watercolor and all painting and drawign media. For oil paint prime with gesso or acrylic primer. Acid free. These Sketch Books also make lovely Albums and guest signing books.


Watercolor painting on black paper isn‰’t something many people think can be done. However, if you’re an artist who works with various materials, try our khadi paper sketchbook with black paper for just that!

Our khadi paper offerings extend into our wiro sketchbooks with black paper for all of your artistic endeavors. If you‰’re an artist who walks off of the beaten path from traditional white paper, this black paper sketchbook is for you.

The Benefits of a Black Sketchbook

Black paper sketchbooks aren‰’t uncommon. While white paper sketchbooks are traditionally utilized, a black paper sketchbook add some interesting elements to an artist‰’s work.

The color black works best to pop other colors off of a page. Using a black paged sketchbook assists in the colors you‰’re working with to look deeper and more vibrant. It adds a unique level as well.

Artwork made on black pages is a creative challenge! Most are so used to white paper, but black paper adds a level of mystique that can make sketching fun once more.

Overall, whatever your material, black paper sketchbooks add an element of surprise to every single thing you’ll sketch.

Watercolor Painting on Black Paper

Khadi paper is kind to all sorts of materials. From oil paints to pencil, anything is usable with its porous surface that will keep your work preserved for years to come. With our black paper sketchbooks, you are able to also use watercolors.

Watercolor painting on black paper is possible! While it requires some practice, watercolor paint will show up against this beautiful black khadi paper. Create any kind of work you want with this sketchbook.

Watercolors vs. Gouache

Whether watercolors or gouache paint, watercolor painting on black paper intensifies the artwork! Watercolors and gouache paint are made from similar materials, but they have slight differences.

Watercolor paint is more transparent than gouache paint. Sometimes, artists will mix a watercolor paint with a white gouache paint to thicken or add some more opacity to a watercolor.

Gouache paints can be chunky or thicker. Gouache paint is highly pigmented and that color is ground into the base.

All in all, each paint medium works well for painting within the pages of our khadi sketchbook.

Interesting Uses for Khadi Paper Black Wiro Sketchbook

By now, you‰’ve learned how versatile khadi paper is for different art materials. This sketchbook is ideal for just that– creating different works of art! However, some other interesting uses for the khadi paper black wiro sketchbook are:

  • Recipe Book: Save your family’s classic food recipes or your own creations with this sketchbook! Add photos of your prized dishes to accentuate your recipe book. You can pass it down for generations to come!
  • Collages: If drawing isn‰’t your favorite art form, try collaging! Put your creative prowess to work by grouping imagery together in a fun way. This book easily allows for all sorts of pasting and various materials! Our sketchbooks are flexible and safely store your creations.
  • Make Your Own Book: Have you ever wanted to share a family story or an interesting occasion? Make your own personal book to share with family and friends easily with our khadi paper sketchbook! The black paper adds an elegant feel to your pages and allows you to add pops of color.
  • Practice A New Craft: Want to perfect your geometric shapes or learn graphic lettering? Use any sort of material from colored pencils to sharpies! Practice a new craft and watch your work grow with the khadi paper sketchbook.

Whatever the need, this sketchbook is ideal for watercolor painting on black paper and so much more! If you‰’re looking to order this amazing sketchbook in bulk, or need some more information on all of the sketchbook‰’s possibilities, feel free to contact us today.

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