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Are you looking for C5 paper size (A5) in a green color? Canvas ETC has paper in all sorts of colors and sizes. And khadi paper in any color is the perfect way to show how important your work is, or how highly you think of someone else.

As you may know, paper is measured in sizes beginning with “A” and envelopes “C.” Therefore this green khadi paper fits in C5 envelopes.

It‰’s always important to make a great first impression. It’s important to put your best foot forward.

This is why khadi paper makes the best choice for all sorts of uses. If you need paper for art, invitations, or other crafts, khadi is a great choice. Guests who receive your invitations will know the care you took to choose them. And your crafts or art will sparkle on such beautiful paper.

While khadi isn‰’t very well-known outside of the art world, it has been gaining traction since people have discovered how nice it is.

Read below to learn more about khadi paper and how it can enhance your own work.

What is Khadi Paper?

While khadi is one of the most impressive papers to use, many people have never heard of it.

Khadi paper is a super-premium paper, but what sets it apart is the materials it‰’s made from.

Regular paper is made from either wood, bamboo, hemp or flax. These materials have to be grown, harvested, then processed to make paper. Khadi paper on the other hand, does not come from these sources.

Khadi paper is made only from old shirts. People also call khadi paper ‰rag paper for this reason. The paper is literally made from clothes that have become too worn to wear.

Because khadi comes from a recycled material, it is much more environmentally friendly. Not only does khadi paper keep textiles out of landfills, but it re-purposes these materials into something useful and beautiful.

Processing Different Papers

Regular paper and khadi paper come from very different sources, but the processing of these sources share similarities. Regular paper comes from agricultural products that need to be grown and harvested.

These raw materials are turned into a pulp that is then washed. The pulp contains cellulose and lignin. The cellulose is the solids, and the lignin acts like the glue that binds it all together.

Through processing, the lignin is washed away. After, stabilizers, dyes, and other chemicals are added to the paper which is then pressed into sheets. One the sheets dry, they can be worked and cut to size and shape. This is how you get a normal sheet of paper that you might run through your home printer.

Because khadi paper made of rag, it does get pulverized and turned into a pulp. One of the biggest differences in the process is that khadi doesn‰’t contain lignin, there is no need to use chemicals or stabilizers.

Khadi is also made of a longer thread material. This helps provide stability and strength to the final product. While khadi can be dyed, it doesn’t need to be. Khadi is made to be pH neutral because there are no chemicals used in its processing.

Where Does Khadi Paper Come From?

One thing that makes khadi paper special is that it only is made in one part of the world. Karnataka, India, of southern India, has been making khadi paper by hand for many years.

There, master paper makers continue the knowledge and training required to make each sheet of khadi paper.

Making khadi paper this way is one thing that allows it to stand out. It makes your work or your stationary something special that people take notice of. Papermakers are also able to make paper of almost any size or shape. Whether you‰’re looking for regular A4 paper or you need a sheet of c5, paper size is something you won‰’t have to worry about with khadi.

Why Use Green Khadi Paper?

Green has been associated with many symbols. Here are some reasons you might choose to use green khadi paper.

Baby Shower

Your baby shower invites will really shine when your guests open up green paper invites. Green is associated with nature, fertility, nature and life. You can welcome your new little one into the world and tough on all these symbols by using green paper. Not only that, but you’ll be able to keep your family and friends guessing the sex of your child by using a non-binary color!


Any wedding can use green colored paper. Green is associated with harmony and safety. What better way to show the strength between you and your partner than by using colors representative of your relationship? Because green is associated with nature, it‰’s also the perfect color for a spring wedding.

Gala/Social Event

Green can also be used in either business or social settings. Green has also been associated with money and ambition. Us green paper to show your potential guests your drive and tact.

How often do you take note of your mail? When have you reached into the mailbox and actually been surprised by the lush texture of your mail?

Most people would never even give this a second thought. But almost everyone takes note of these small details. Make an astounding first impression with green khadi paper.

Uses of C5 Paper Size Khadi

People love khadi because it is such an incredible, environmentally friendly paper. There is no deforesting of our precious lands in its production. Khadi paper actually keeps what would otherwise be trash out of landfills.

Turning this resource into paper is incredible in itself. This is why khadi paper has found use in the art world as well.

Many watercolor painters love using khadi for a number of reasons. First, because khadi is handmade, the surface has tiny peaks and valleys. Some spots are thinner or thicker in parts. This causes what painters call ‰happy accidents.‰  The paper reacts to paint is different ways in different spots. Because of this, it pushes artist to develop their own skill.

Many watercolor painters also love how thirsty khadi is. This paper is willing to absorb a lot of water, and this pigment can easily be applied and built upon.

Oil painters also enjoy using khadi for their works. Some prefer to paint on a gesso to help provide a moisture barrier and a smoother surface.

Even charcoal, pastel, and pencil drawers have started developing a love for khadi paper. It truly is a paper with diverse uses.

Canvas ETC for Khadi Paper

If you‰’ve decided that khadi paper is right for your event, feel free to look over Canvas ETC‰’s selection. Contact us if you have any questions. We are always happy to make sure your paper supply needs are met.


  • Made from 100% cotton rag
  • Sold in Packs of 20 sheets (4 shades of green)
  • Used for Invitations, Block print, print press and drawing and painting
  • 6″ x 8.25″
  • Fits in Envelope size C6 or C5(sold separately)
  • Deckled edges
  • 150 gsm or 70 lb paper
  • Tub sized (surface sized) with gelatin

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