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Khadi Hearts Pack

Paper hearts are usually reserved for Valentine’s Day, but now you’re able to share them all year round! Canvas ETC. lovingly carries khadi paper hearts. These statement pieces are sure to show your loved ones how much you care.

These hearts come in varied shades of pink. They’re great for all sorts of projects and applications. If you love to show your love with a heart, our khadi paper hearts are a wonderful choice.

What is Khadi Paper?

Khadi paper has a bold history in its own sense. It made its beginnings in Asia, predominantly in India. What started as an alternative to traditional wood pulp based paper, khadi derives from cotton rags.

Khadi began as a style of fabric. Khadi cloth became manipulated for uses in garment making, specifically for kurtas, or long tunic style shirts. It was a staple cloth manufactured as a response to boycotting the use of foreign fabrics within Indian made clothing.

Gandhi himself assisted weavers in the manufacture of khadi cloth. He supported the boycott of foreign fabrics, and wanted to end the economic struggle associated with foreign goods over Indian made goods.

Furthermore, the benefits of khadi cloth were discovered as it became continuously utilized for goods other than garments. Eventually, paper became manufactured as khadi paper.

Its strong, durable properties make for many versatile uses. As khadi is made from cotton rag fibers, it also has superior soak-ability. Those who enjoy painting watercolors make good use from khadi paper.

Therefore, the handcrafted gem is great for several projects. Since it’s built tough, it outlasts regular paper. Khadi works in great ways whether you’re an artist or a hobbyist.

Overall, khadi paper’s fantastic benefits allow for enjoyable and fulfilling uses.

Khadi Paper Hearts Processing

Khadi paper is made by artisans who’ve perfected their craft. Typically made in India, you’ll find little to no chemicals utilized in its processing. This paper, handcrafted with care, has an interesting way of becoming the khadi paper that’s used by many.

Most noteworthy, this paper starts as a simple recycled cotton rag. Most khadi paper’s processing centers around recycled cotton rags in the form of old garments. The cotton rag’s pulp becomes extracted to use in forming khadi sheets.

The cotton pulp extracts using a Hollander beater. This method chops and takes the pulp from the cotton rags. Once the pulp is ready, the sheets become formed.

Forming khadi sheets happens individually. They’re not made like traditional wood pulp paper where they’re fed and formed on a roll, but rather sheet by sheet. Before they’re formed, they also regulate and balance the paper’s pH levels.

Placing the pulp in a mold forms the sheets individually. If the mold remains slightly overpoured, when it’s lifted, the sheet will have what’s known as a deckled edge. This leaves the sheet with a slightly ragged, natural edge.

In addition, the sheets become placed between woolen felt. From there, they’re left to dry. Once dried, they’re ready for use.

In the case of khadi paper hearts, the mold shape helps form the heart. From there, packs like our offering become created and enjoyed by customers like you!

Paper Hearts DIY At Home

paper hearts

Our khadi hearts pack are amazing for many uses. The most prominent is for the do-it-yourselfer. So many wonderful Pinterest-inspired projects are available for making different home decor items with our khadi hearts, like:

Use as a wall stencil to accent a wall

These durable khadi sheets are able to serve as wall stencils. If you’re planning on decorating a wall in a room, consider using khadi heart paper to help enhance your space.

Make a door wreath

Making a wreath isn’t difficult when you have supplies like our khadi hearts. Make a simple heart wreath for Valentine’s day or bend our sheets to create different shapes to make all sorts of interesting door decor. Your house will stand out with a beautiful, handmade wreath.

Make keepsake boxes for jewelry and trinkets

These hearts transform into lovely keepsake boxes so you’ll never lose your trinkets or jewelry again. With other paper like our A4 Khadi offering and our khadi hearts, you can make cute boxes to keep your most precious treasures safe.

Make shadow boxes

Creating hanging statement pieces is fun with khadi hearts. Fill up a shadow box with amazing memories of your loved ones and use khadi heart papers as a beautiful background.

Make festive, seasonal decor

These hearts are not only perfect for Valentine’s day, but you can make flowers and all sorts of things from their shape. Therefore, greeting cards, hanging garlands, and interesting DIY gifts like bookmarks are possible with hearts made from khadi paper.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when you have khadi paper hearts. Spend time doing all sorts of enhancing home projects with this cute and useful offering.

Best of all, our khadi hearts come in packs of 20 and in 5 varying shades of pink. To order in bulk or learn more about all you can do with our khadi hearts, contact us today.

  • Made from 100% cotton rag
  • Sold in Packs of 20 (5 Shades of pink))
  • 9″ x 9″
  • Deckled edge
  • Made from Cotton Rag PapersĀ 
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