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Khadi Envelope Packs

Universally, people use envelops as packaging for a number of things, but mostly for letters. From greeting cards to bills, envelopes come in all shapes and sizes to support whatever we’re looking to mail. Our khadi grey envelope pack is a wonderful addition for any one of your mailing needs.

If you’re looking to send letters to a loved one that adds a special touch, look no further than this grey khadi envelope pack. Sized perfectly for stationery and cards, it’s simple to drop a line to your favorite people. Learn more about how our khadi envelope packs are perfect for your letter writing.

History of Envelopes

Envelopes have an interesting beginning. The first cleverly captured attempt for one dates back to around 2000 B.C.! The Babylonians received the initial credit of crafting envelopes that would secure around stone tablets by adding clay that would harden around the tablet to protect the etchings.

Cracking the clay surrounding the tablets carefully would reveal the tablet’s message. Since that initial introduction, envelopes were interestingly fashioned from various materials. Paper envelopes, however, weren’t truly introduced until the early 1800’s.

In the past, the world’s most affluent people used paper envelopes. Most would seal their letters or mail with wax stamps. The elite class utilized envelopes at an extra charge, showing their wealth in a way that wouldn’t make sense today.

Near the mid-1800’s, the postal service released envelopes with universally accepted postage already secured to the front of the envelope. This allowed for people to not go through the challenges of having to purchase each separately. From there, companies couldn’t keep up with the demands of creating envelopes by hand.

The first envelope folding machine ushered in the age of mass-produced envelopes. Not only did the automation assist with the demand, but it also led to the creation of varied envelope sizes.

Envelope Sizing

Like our grey khadi envelope pack, envelopes come in different shapes and sizes. Our grey envelope pack is 4.5″ x 6.5″, or close to what’s known as “A6” sizing. This classifies uses like greeting cards, invitations and a slew of other uses.

The most traditionally utilized size is the #10 envelope. At 4.125″ x 9.5″, it’s what companies use to mail out notices or bills. A C4 envelope is also more commonly used. This legal-size envelope measures at 9″ x 12.8″ and works well for mailing flat sheets or materials.

Overall, envelope sizes wouldn’t be as limitless as they are today without the invention of the folding machine. Another amazing piece of ingenuity for envelopes was the use of gumming.

Envelope Gumming and More

With the envelope cutting machine came the idea to begin gumming the top flap. Previously done manually, when a gumming brush added a step into the manufacturing of envelopes, it became a truly automated, mass produced affair.

Later, additions like self-adhesive envelopes made their way into envelope making. This allowed for envelope users to not have to lick their envelopes themselves, but rather peel a strip and apply the flap down, closing their envelopes seamlessly. Other great additions like adding visible windows or self-addressing machines made it effortless to send mail out.

Khadi Paper: From Cotton to Grey Envelope

Our grey envelope pack offering uses khadi paper versus traditional plain paper. Khadi sheets are an environmentally friendly alternative to the processing of traditional wood pulp paper. Durable and longer lasting, khadi paper withstands letters being mailed safely and securely.

Manufacturers create Khadi sheets from recycled cotton rags and continuously up-cycled from old garments like t-shirts. Their pulp removal through a Hollander beater allows for natural processing with very little chemical use.

The pH of the sheets balanced by the paper artisan makes this paper acid free. Once the pulp is ready for molding, it’s dyed, placed within a mold and set. If there’s a slight overpour, it leaves behind what’s known as a deckled edge, adding a natural look to the paper.

Once molded, the sheets are gently placed between woolen felt one by one and pressed to remove excess water. They’re dried, packed and sent around the world. This entire process is mostly manual making khadi paper a unique, well-formed paper for many different products like our grey envelope set.

Overall, the more fascinating aspect of the manufacture of khadi paper is how little it affects the environment. Water used in processing the sheets becomes recycled for various agricultural irrigation efforts. As mentioned, the cotton pulp used lends itself to only recycled garments or rags.

Overall, khadi paper’s minimal impact in processing sustains the environment and grows the economy where it’s manufactured, which is typically in India.

Khadi Grey Envelope for Letters and Cards

Shop khadi envelopes in a variety of colors, including these varied shades of grey. They’re able to sustain tough travel conditions but are also a beautiful surprise when received through the mail.

Therefore, your letters or cards to loved ones will not only stay protected, they can also become a statement piece. Draw or paint on top of the envelope to personalize your mail! This paper soaks up many mediums, leaving a long-lasting impression on your receiver.

Your cards and letters get an upgrade when you use our khadi envelopes. They are also versatile to use for other projects and applications as well.

Grey Envelope Alternative Uses

While envelopes are mainly used to mail out materials or letters, our khadi envelopes are also great for:

  • Seed Organization: Love to garden? Keep your seeds protected and labeled with ease with our khadi envelope offering. Our envelopes in grey come in packs of 10, which will make organizing your seeds a breeze.
  • Paper Crafts: Make all sorts of paper crafts with our khadi offerings. From paper flowers to bookmarks, decorating our envelopes is simple and fun for the do-it-yourselfer.
  • Storage: Have small things lying around? Use our envelopes to stay organized! Create labels over our grey envelopes and enjoy your new organizational system.

There’s no limit to the number of things you can do with our grey envelopes.

Canvas Etc: Your Source for All Things Khadi

Above all, Canvas ETC proudly carries an abundant supply of khadi products. From our envelope sets to varying styles of paper, there’s virtually no task you can‰’t compete with our khadi offerings. To learn more about what we provide, contact us today.

  • Made from 100% cotton rag
  • Sold in Packs of 10 (5 Shades of grey)
  • 4.5″ x 6.5″
  • Deckled edge
  • Made from Cotton Rag Papers
  • Can be used with Khadi Paper packs A6 & A5
  • Also available in White packs (C6W)

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