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Khadi paper green envelopes are the perfect way to celebrate your spring baby or other colorful event.

It’s always important to make a great first impression and to put your best foot forward.

So when you have an event like a wedding or the birth of a new child, you must put thought into your invitations. Don’t your envelopes deserve as much care as the invitations themselves?

Khadi paper is relatively common place in the art world but most other people don’t know how wonderful this paper can be. Read below to find out more about Khadi green paper envelopes and their uses.

What is Khadi Paper?

Khadi paper itself is an incredibly unique product. It truly is one of the best papers available today, and this paper comes from a very special and environmentally friendly source.

Most paper that people are familiar with comes from either trees, bamboo, hemp or flax. This is the kind of paper that you would put through an office printer. While there’s nothing wrong with this paper, it is rather bland.

Papermakers take these raw materials, pulverize them into a pulp, and wash them to strip away lignin. Lignin is like the glue that holds the raw product together. By removing the lignin, papermakers are able to reform the pulp into whichever form they desire, like a sheet of paper.

Once the pulp is formed into the desired shape it is dried and cut to proper size.

Khadi paper is created in much the same way. The raw material is transformed into a pulp and formed into the desired shape. The difference between these two papers is that khadi paper is made of old shirts.

This is why khadi paper is often also called rag paper. It is literally made of shirts that have been worn too much. By taking these old shirts and turning them into a usable product, khadi paper is often seen as a much more environmentally friendly product.

One man’s trash really is another man’s treasure!

How Are Khadi Paper Green Envelopes Made?

When you use khadi paper for your projects so, you’re making a statement. for some people, their statement is that they care about the environment. for others they like to show there unique approach to life. one thing is for certain, Khadi paper helps your work stand out from the crowd.

Because Patty paper is Thoroughly washed before it is formed, to create green envelopes the paper must be dyed. Dying is usually the last step before drying.

Khadi paper comes only from one place, Karnataka, India. This Southern Indian Town has been hand-making khadi paper for many years. and still today master paper-makers pulp, wash, dye and dry each sheet of khadi paper.

Making paper by hand makes each sheet of khadi special. Khadi paper comes only from one place: Karnataka, India. This South Indian town has been making khadi paper for a very long time, and the process has always been completed by hand. In this way, true artisans are providing you with something to help your announcement stand out.

Why use a Khadi paper Green Envelope?

While Khadi paper green envelopes are some of the most handsome looking envelopes around, some might not see why you would want to use them for your correspondence.

Your special announcements can all benefit from using a unique and special paper. Rag paper is one kind of paper to help you show how important you consider your friends and family.

Any event announcement can benefit from being delivered in khadi paper green envelopes. Here are some events that can benefit from using this unique envelope.

Baby Shower

Baby showers are a great choice to use khadi paper green envelopes. The color will keep your guests guessing the sex of your upcoming baby!


Any wedding can use green envelopes for their invitations. Green represents nature and has long symbolized a rebirth of sorts. What better way to discard your old life and celebrate your rebirth with your spouse?

Gala or Social Event

Green can take on multiple meanings with these envelopes. Beyond the literal meaning of color, khadi paper is a very environmentally friendly paper as well. Recycling old shirts into a usable product is a great way to help protect the environment. Your guests can appreciate the work you went through to make a special event in a conscious way.

How often do you take note of your mail?  When have you reached into the mailbox and actually been surprised by the lush texture of your mail?

For most people, this is an almost silly idea. But almost everyone takes note of these small details. Make an astounding first impression with khadi paper green envelopes.

Uses of Khadi

Khadi paper is an environmentally responsible paper because people do not have to deforest land to make it. Because khadi paper is a “green” paper, it has had huge success in the art world. Many artists choose to use khadi paper for their works because of this.

Many artists choose khadi paper because it is a beautiful and supple paper as well. The weight if khadi paper makes it a great choice for all kinds of artists.

Artists choose to use khadi paper for their watercolors because the slightly uneven surface. These tiny peaks and valleys create what many call “happy accidents.” The texture sometimes seems to give khadi a mind of its own. Crafting your art takes a whole new life with rag paper.

This is why many people choose to use a guesso over their khadi paper. This is especially true for oil painters. The surface helps to make the paper a bit less “thirsty” and can even the texture as well.

Canvas ETC for Khadi paper

Therefore, if you’ve decided that khadi paper green envelopes are right for your event, feel free to look over Canvas ETC’s selection. Contact us if you have any questions. We are always happy to make sure your paper supply needs are met.

  • Made from 100% cotton rag
  • Sold in Packs of 10 (5 Shades of green)
  • 4.5″ x 6.5″
  • Deckled edge
  • Made from Cotton Rag Papers
  • Can be used with Khadi Paper packs A6 & A5
  • Also available in White packs (C6W)

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