IFR Banjo Cloth | Champagne | 48″ Width

$6.06 / linear yard (36" x 48")

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Uses for this high quality champagne colored banjo fabric material include banjo cloth drapes, ceiling fabric draping, theater curtains, stage curtains, and masking, upscale galas and events, tall skirts, home theaters and much more!

Volume Discounts: 50-99 yards – 5% off, 100 yards – 10% off


IFR Banjo Drape Cloth | 48″ Width | Champagne

Banjo Drape sold by the yard or the full roll.

Banjo cloth is a light weight synthetic polyester IFR fabric. Pop this fabric into a washing machine, and run on warm or cold. The textured polyester is the ideal fabric for pipe and drape systems.  Used primarily for exhibition and trade show booths, the IFR (inherently flame retardant) yarn makes the fabric durable and can be laundered multiple times.

Most commonly used for trade shows and expos, Banjo drape panels are also a popular, inexpensive material for any pipe and drape backdrop. An Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) material, they are an inexpensive fabric of choice for convention centers (or any situation where flame retardant drapery is required or preferred).

As the open weave design does allow for the passage of light to shine through, Banjo fabric is not the best light-blocking drape option due its semi-transparent nature. The fabric has a very nice sheen which captures environmental light and has shimmering specks throughout. 

When you need drapery for your next trade show or expo, choose our banjo cloth drapes. Available in a wide range of appealing color options, our banjo is guaranteed to meet your specific requirements to match any theme. Simply choose the length you need and the color!

Uses for this champagne colored banjo fabric include banjo cloth drapes, ceiling fabric draping, theater curtains, stage curtains, and masking, upscale galas and events, tall skirts, home theaters and much more!

IFR Banjo Drape Fabric Features

Weight: 4.75 oz/ square yard
Width (inches): 48″
Content: 100% IFR synthetic polyester
Coating: None
Color: Champagne
Finish: Dyed and passes FR (NFPA 701-certs available upon request) standards
Yarn:  IFR polyester
Weave: Jacquard

Laundering Methods for Banjo Drape Cloth

  • Never expose fabric to heat above 140°F during any portion of washing, drying, or ironing.
  • Excessive heat can shrink the fabric significantly and can cause wrinkling.
  • Use only mild liquid detergent in the water before putting the fabric in the machine.
  • Never use soap, bleach, or fabric softeners.
  • Dry in a conventional dryer using an air only setting.
  • Iron on cool setting only.

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*Fabrics are mostly water and flame resistant, but sometimes water and flame proof depending on how long the fabric is exposed to those conditions.*

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