Ballistic Nylon Hose Wrap Sleeve

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Product Specs

  • Uses High Abrasion resistant super Ballistic Nylon
  • High peel strength nylon hook and loop
  • Puncture and Tear resistant
  • Water and liquid repellent
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Friction Resistant inside urethane coating
  • Made in USA
  • Sold by the roll, each roll has a min of 150’/50 yards


Ballistic nylon hose wrap sleeves are a great way to keep your wires or other delicate components in place and protected. The high-quality material makes it easy to move them around, and the custom options available allow you to achieve the best results for your home or business use. If you have questions about our ballistic nylon hose wrap sleeves or our other products, please get in touch with us today!

What is a Ballistic Nylon Hose Wrap Sleeve?

Ballistic nylon is a type of nylon. It’s strong, lightweight, and a popular choice for military and police forces because it can protect against bullets while still being flexible enough to maneuver. Ballistic nylon is also used in sports equipment such as balls and gloves.

We’ll focus on the ballistic nylon hose wrap sleeve—a protective cover for wiring that helps keep them from getting tangled or damaged during use. The hook and loop closures make wrapping easy and simple to adjust.

Superior Heat and Abrasion Resistance

Ballistic nylon is a synthetic fabric that is known for its high-performance properties. It’s used in military equipment and police gear, firefighting gear and rescue equipment, athletic gear, and even commercial applications to protect wiring.

What makes ballistic nylon unique? The answer is simple: its high abrasion resistance. Compared to other fabrics such as polyester or cotton, ballistic nylon will last longer when exposed to harsh elements like rain or grit that can cause wear.

Ballistic nylon also has a heat-resistant quality that protects against extreme temperatures, such as those experienced in warehouses and other manufacturing facilities.

Industries that Use Our Product

Our hose wrap sleeve is used in the construction, manufacturing, and transportation industries. It can be used for various purposes, including bundling, protecting, and cable management. It’s available in many sizes to ensure you get exactly what you need. You can also work with one of our fabric experts to get a custom order to suit your needs.

Custom Options Available

Custom Sizes: We offer our Ballistic Nylon Hose Wrap Sleeve in various sizes so that you can find the right fit for your application.

Custom Logo or Print: Want to add your company logo to your new Ballistic Nylon Hose Wrap Sleeve? We can help! Our custom printing services allow us to print any logo onto our products—even if it’s just one color. This option is great for schools or organizations looking to show off their brand identities at trade shows or other events where many people will see them at once (like sporting events). 

Available Sizes
Item # Diameter(in) Flat/Open Width (in) Hook/Loop (in) Length (ft/yds)
W-1.00 1 4.14 1 150/50
W-1.50 1.5 5.71 1 150/50
W-1.75 1.75 6.995 1.5 150/50
W-2.00 2 7.78 1.5 150/50
W-2.50 2.5 9.35 1.5 150/50
W-2.75 2.75 10.135 1.5 150/50
W-3.00 3 10.92 1.5 150/50
W-3.50 3.5 12.49 1.5 150/50
W-4.00 4 14.06 1.5 150/50
W-4.50 4.5 15.63 1.5 150/50
W-5.00 5 17.2 1.5 150/50
W-6.00 6 20.34 1.5 150/50
W-7.00 7 23.48 1.5 150/50
W-8.00 8 26.62 1.5 150/50
Super Ballistic Nylon Specs
Content 100% Nylon
Yarn Warp 1050D x 2ply / Fill 1050D x 2ply
Thread Count Warp 22 x Fill 21
Weave Plain
Finish Dyed, Urethane, Water Repellent
Coating Special High Abrasion Resistant PU
Fabric Weight 12.14 oz/sq yd
Coating Weight 1.3 oz/sq yd
Total Weight 13.45 oz/sq yd
Tear Strength Warp 89lbs x Fill 85 lbs ASTM D2261 -13
Abrasion Exceeds 1000 ASTM D3884 – 09
Tensile Warp 1120lb x 990 lb ASTM D5034 – 09
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