Golf Simulator Impact Screen – High Quality – Various Sizes

$690.00 / pc

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Durable Construction:

  • Our golf impact screens are built to withstand powerful swings and repeated hits (tested over 100,000 hits)
  • Bottom pocket for a rod or shock cord(not included)
  • Reinforced grommets ensure secure attachment to frames or simulators.

Customizable Sizes:

  • Choose from various screen sizes to fit your specific simulator setup.

High-Quality Projection Surface:

  • The screen material provides excellent image clarity (HD) and minimal distortion.
  • Enjoy realistic golf simulation with accurate ball flight representation.
  • Minimal bounce-back, tested for ball speeds of 200 MPH+
  • Reduced impact noise

Easy Installation:

  • Grommets allow hassle-free hanging and adjustment.
  • Set up your simulator quickly and start practicing without delays.

No Returns on Custom Screens


Golf simulators are popular at more than just the best country clubs. The brick-and-mortar golf simulator industry is growing exponentially, and for a good reason. That’s why golf simulator impact screens are so relevant today. So if you want to engage customers or build a golf simulator in your own home, you’ve come to the right place.  Find out what impact screens are all about, why they work so well, and how you can get one today!

What is a Golf Simulator Impact Screen?

An impact screen is a high-quality, durable screen for your golf simulator. These screens are made from heavy-duty materials designed to last for years. Installation of an impact screen is quick and easy and can be done by relatively quickly.

The Golf Simulator Trend

The golf simulator trend is growing. Why? Because of the popularity of golf and the convenience of playing it year-round without losing your skills during the off-season.

You can now play with friends, family members, and colleagues from businesses specializing in golf simulators. Many offer subscription packages and host parties where drinks and food can be shared while hitting a few balls.

Why do Businesses Use Impact Screens?

Impact screens are a great way to protect your equipment and the environment–it also professionalizes your golf simulator business. Hitting balls at a screen projected on a wall will undoubtedly end in damage.

Screens can be used in businesses, schools, and homes to keep things organized as well as protected. Impact screens are also used to prevent the user from debris that customers may kick up during play. 

Why You Need a Golf Simulator Impact Screen

Golf simulators are great tools to help improve your game. Unfortunately, they can also be expensive and require a lot of space, so it’s essential to find a way to protect your investment while maintaining its functionality. For example, a golf simulator impact screen will protect your walls from damage and ensure anyone walking by can see what’s happening inside the room.

It’s also essential for creating separate spaces within one room or area–simulators take up a lot of room! An impact screen helps create defined areas so players can practice without interfering with each other, allowing them more time to practice their swing instead of waiting in line at an indoor driving range or putting green.

Golf Simulator Impact Screens for Home

The home theater is an excellent place for a golf simulator screen.

But a fabric screen is not only useful for practicing your swing. You can use it to show off your favorite movies, games, and sports on the big screen and use it as your golf simulator screen. Your guests will be impressed by what they see! 

Golf Screens from Canvas ETC

The golf simulator trend is here to stay, but you can’t just buy any projection screen. You need to make sure it’s the right size and design for your needs before purchasing. We recommend contacting one of our fabric experts to ensure we create the correct golf simulator screen for your home or business.

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