FR Gridcloth Ripstop | White

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Uses for this white colored gridcloth include: Tent flooring, laundry bags, bag liners, promotional totes, ponchos, jacket liners, flags, banners, dust covers, furniture moving covers, small inflatables, lightweight apparel, diffusion material and safety gear.

Made in USA! Flame Retardant, UV Resistant, Ripstop, Mildew Resistant, Wind Resistant, Diffusion Material

1 Linear yard of this fabric is about 3′ Long x 58/60″ wide

Volume Discounts:

25-49 yards – 5% OFF

50-99 yards – 10% OFF

100 yards – 15% OFF


Lightweight FR Gridcloth Ripstop (70 denier) is ideal for manufacturing diffusion fabric, equipment covers and backdrops. Manufacturers coat one side with polyurethane, and makes this material very easy to work with. Indeed, 70 denier ripstop has very high water repellent and waterproof ratings and is available in a number of colors. This fabric is treated with a flame resistant chemical and passes CPAI 84 FR standards.

Did you know?

  • Manufacturers create polyurethane coated nylon by adding a semi-liquid material to a fabric structure.
  • Manufacturers create urethane coated nylon – a stronger and more stable fabric compared to uncoated denier fabric.
  • Coated nylon fabrics are used in upholstery, luggage, bags and apparel. If used in apparel, tiny holes punched in the fabric improve its breath-ability.

White FR Gridcloth Ripstop Features

Weight: 2.6 ounces per square yard

Width (inches): 58|60″

Content: 100% High Tenacity Nylon 6

Coating: 3/4 oz Polyurethane

Finish: Durable Water Repellent, Win resistant, UV resistant

Yarn: 70 Denier Nylon

Weave: Ripstop pattern diffusion material

Color: White

Thread: Bonded Polyester

Tensile Strength: 90 x 90 lbF (ASTM D5034 WxF)

Tearing Strength: 2 x 2 lbF (ASTM D2261 WxF)

Hydrostatic Resistance: 150 lbs/sq in (ASTM D751)

pH: 5-8 (AATCC 81)

Air Perm: 0 cubic feet per min (ASTM D737)

Water Repellency (Spray Initial): 90 Min (AATCC 22)

Colorfastness to Laundering (color change): 4.0 (AATCC 61 2A)


Check out these tips for sewing ripstop nylon.

Uses for Grid Cloths & Other Diffusion Fabrics

  • Butterfly: This refers to diffusion fabric that stretches over a frame. A butterfly lights your subject or object specifically for high-end lighting scenes.
  • Light Box: A light box comes in different sizes depending on its intended use. Photographers use them for photographing or recording product images (for e-commerce, for instance). This material is an ideal diffusion material!
  • Softbox: A softbox is set to light direct positions. Soft boxes extend harsh, bright lights and make them soft lights for photographing small objects.
  • Tenting: Tenting surrounds your subject or object with soft light. Therefore, some draping techniques remove all shadows from the subject.

Quick Tips for Working with FR Gridcloth Ripstop

Here are some quick tips for working with nylon ripstop fabric. For an in-depth guide, check out our blog.

  • Use freshly sharpened scissors or a rotary fabric cutter to reduce fraying of the fabric.
  • Burn your edges or seams for a sturdy seal. Remember to exercise extreme caution when attempting this technique.
  • Practice your sewing stitches on ripstop! Use zigzag stitches can help keep your seams from breaking when the fabric stretches.
  • Want to keep your fabric from moving? Use double sided tape rather than straight pins to keep your fabric from moving around as you sew.

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