Duvetyne Fabric | 54″ Width

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Uses for Duvetyne include: Theater curtains, cycloramas, stage curtains, blackout/ light blocking needs, home theater backdrops, masking and many other applications and end-uses! If you are looking for the highest quality duvetyne around, then you have come to the right online fabric store.

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Duvetyne 54″ Width

Duvetyne is a material created with a sateen weave that is dyed black, napped on one side (brushed), and has a flame-retardant finish. The woven suede type fabric that is lighter weight and drape-able. The surface is velvet-like to the touch. Duvetyne fabric usually has a matte finish with very high opacity, and it is used in any condition where light needs to be blocked out.

Use this fabric in theatrical cycloramas or curtains for maximum effect. Sometimes this duvetyne fabric is also mistaken for commando cloth, so it is very important to know the linear weight. Duvetyne fabric will block out most light, but not all of it. Our black duvetyne is guaranteed to meet your exact needs, and as we offer both duvetyne by the yard or duvateen roll. For complete blackout fabric please visit our commando cloth page.


How Duvetyne Fabric is Made

At Canvas ETC, we sell 100% cotton duvetyne. This particular fabric is black and weighs 12 oz. per linear square yard. The fabric is napped on one side and fire resistant. NFPA 701 certifications are available upon request (more on this below).

The weaves are sateen. This means the weave structure uses spun yarns instead of a filament. Warp is floated over weft as opposed to plain weaves (over, under structure).

Duvetyne Fabric Uses

Duvetyne fabric is a wonderful option for many different applications and projects. Some uses for duvetyne are:

  • Stage/ Theater Curtains: Duvetyne fabric has been used for cinema and stage for years! Our duvetyne is sturdy and can be used in a multitude of stage and theater treatments. It can also be used for theatrical cycloramas. Our selection of fabrics can be your biggest star in your next upcoming stage or motion picture project!
  • Drapery: Making drapery with our fabric has never been easier. This fabric can be sewn into amazing drapery for indoor or outdoor treatments. It can be used to block out light. Duvetyne makes great blackout curtains or unwanted light.
  • Cycloramas: Cycloramas are large curtain walls. They are commonly called “cyc’s” and used for stage productions. It can be used to create the illusion of a sky, and it is often front or back lit depending on the fabric opacity.
  • Masking: Masking is used in cinema to create definition on a projected film or image. Masking can be done at the top or sides.

NFPA 701 Standards

Our duvetyne fabric is National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 701 certified. This is a widely-used standard for fabrics manufactured for public spaces including: churches, schools, theaters, etc. It is required by law in many areas. All fabrics must meet the following criteria as per the 701 standards:

  • After flame of less than 2.0 seconds
  • The char length must not exceed 6.5 inches
  • Fabric cannot keep flaming after reaching the floor (in a test chamber)

You can learn more about this safety standard at the NFPA website.

Duvetyne Fabric Features

Weight: 8.5 oz/ sq yd, 12 oz/ linear yard

Width (inches): 54

Content: 100% Cotton

Coating: None

Finish: Dyed Black, Napped one side, FR (NFPA 701-certs available upon request)

Weave: Sateen

Other Features of Duvetyne: 12 oz per linear yard, napped and flame retardant

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Learn more about Duvetyne at Wikipedia.

*Fabrics are mostly water and flame resistant, but sometimes water and flame proof depending on how long the fabric is exposed to those conditions*

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