Cobra Buckle – Metal Matte Black

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Uses: Belts, Collars, Leashes, Plate and Armor Carriers, Shoulder Straps, Medical Device Straps, Harnesses, PFD’s, Packs, Litters, Climbing gear, Bags, and Backpacks

Options: 1″ 1.5″ 1.75″ Male Adjustable/Female Fixed



COBRA Buckle – Matte Black by Austrialpin

Do you need a easy-to-use, heavy-duty buckle? Look no further than the AustriAplin COBRA Buckle.

High-performance hinges mean that these buckles are long-lasting. Use for all your heavy-duty load-bearing applications. The 100% Berry Amendment Compliance means this buckle can be used for government applications. Lightweight aluminum makes it perfect for apparel and military uses. Sew onto backpacks, hip packs, vests and other clothing accessories.

This is definitely a perfect product for your next sewing project that requires a strong, lightweight buckle. The uses are truly unlimited. Even for those DIY’ers who love creating home made clothing, the COBRA buckle makes amazing belts with coupled with some good webbing.

COBRA Buckle Features

The patented buckles offer a quick release that matches no other product. Finely handcrafted in Austria, if you are looking for a strong, load bearing buckle, you have found it. The COBRA buckle is CNC machined and inspected to meet the highest quality. The products are also inspected and tested at a third party facility to ensure safety of the product’s integrity. These COBRA buckles are machined from 7075 aluminum alloy with solid brass and stainless steel components.

  • Material Body: Aluminum
  • Material Clip: Brass
  • Clips: Male adjustable, female fixed
  • Guaranteed Load: 18 kN with proper webbing and loop configuration
  • Mil-spec
  • Polished, hard coat
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Size pertains to the width of webbing that will fit the buckle
  • Buckle Size: 1″ / 25 mm, 1.5 inch / 38 mm, 1.75 inch / 45 mm, 2 inch / 50 mm
  • Can hold up to 2,000 lbs.

Product Uses

  • Dog or Cat Collars – Matte Black COBRA Buckle specs include a lightweight aluminum design. Create amazingly light and easy-to-use dog or cat collars. Available in a variety of sizes, you can create collars for large breed pets.
  • Belt Systems – Belt with COBRA Buckle systems benefit from these high strength hinges. They are easy to install, use and are extremely safe.
  • Leashes – Leash attachments for pets are another great accessory that can be created when utilizing the aluminum COBRA Buckle.
  • Backpacks – Attach items easily to backpacks with the lightweight polymer COBRA Buckle. Sew the buckle into the backpack opening for easy access to camping, military or school gear.
  • Shoulder Straps – Use this polymer buckle on apparel items like coveralls that require shoulder straps.
  • Safety Restraints – For cars or other vehicles, the Matte Black COBRA Buckle is easy to release but safe for restraints.
  • Harnesses – Quickly release harnesses with the polymer COBRA Buckle. This type of aluminum hardware is light and doesn’t take up too much space. Designed to be more robust, it is one of the safest (if not THE safest) quick-release buckles available on the market.
  • PFD’s – Personal flotation devices benefit greatly from COBRA Buckles. The strong buckle will keep the jacket in place. The release makes it simple for the wearer to remove the PFD.

Tactical Uses

  • Tactical Belt and Gear – For paramilitary, military or civilian use, the AustriAlpin COBRA Buckle if a perfect addition to your gear.
  • Armor Carriers – For paramilitary and military uses, the COBRA Buckle is indispensable. The quick-release action allows for easy release of firearms, ropes and tools attached to armor via the buckle. For defense uses, our COBRA Buckles are 100 US Berry Amendment Certified.
  • Medical Packs – Medical packs need fast release closures. Medical personnel can use it to keep their supplies together. They access medical tools in an emergency, as well.

About the AustriAlpin Brand

The AustriAlpin company is located in the Stubai region of Austria (in the Austrian Alps). They have existed since 1996 and strive to be a manufacturer of PREMIUM quality hardware. According to their website, AA continues to base its incredible success on it’s HIGHER IQ that is, higher Innovation and Quality. Even in today’s age of cheap outsourcing, AustriAlpin continues to design, source, and manufacturer all of it product range in Austria. Lowest cost ideals have a bigger price and we don’t agree with a current market philosophy that your life and safety should suffer for a few extra dollars at the cash register!

The Austrian Alps were the inspiration for the amazing AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle. The beautiful yet dangerous mountain range requires only the best safety equipment. Only COBRA products can provide that kind of security.åÊ

Size: 1″ / 25 mm, 1.5 inch / 38 mm, 1.75 inch / 45 mm, 2 inch / 50 mm

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