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GT Plastic Cobra Buckle – Polymer


Uses:åÊ Belts, Collars, Leashes, Plate and Armor Carriers, Shoulder Straps, Medical Device Straps, Harnesses, PFD’s, Packs, Litters

Options: åÊ1.5″ Black, 2″ Black, 1.75″ Coyote Brown

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GT Plastic COBRA Buckle by AustriAlpin (polymer series)

Canvas Etc. is proud to offer the innovative AustriAlpin GT Plastic Cobra Buckle. This high-strength polymer buckle is stronger than any plastic buckle products available for purchase. These outstanding buckles can hold a tensile load of 500 lbs. It is made from 100% polymer and contains no metal springs or hinges.

Lightweight makes it perfect for apparel and military uses. Use this buckle on hip packs, vests and other clothing accessories.

High-performance hinges mean that these buckles are long-lasting. Use for all your heavy-duty load-bearing applications. The 100% Berry Amendment Compliance means this buckle can be used for government applications.

This is definitely a perfect product for your next project that needs a plastic buckle.

GT Plastic COBRA Buckle Features

  • 100% Polymer
  • Lightweight Construction
  • GhillieTEX IRR Signature
  • Noise Discipline
  • Infra Red Reduction Compliance
  • 100% Berry Amendment Compliance
  • Targeted tensile load: åÊ500 lbF/2.2 kN
  • Size pertains to the width of webbing that will fit the buckle
  • Made in the USA

Product Uses

  • Belt Systems – Belt systems benefit from these high-performance hinges. They are easy to install, use and are extremely safe.
  • Dog or Cat Collars – Plastic COBRA Buckle specs include a lightweight design. Create amazingly light and easy-to-use dog or cat collars. Available in a variety of sizes, you can create collars for large breed pets.
  • Leashes – Leash attachments for pets are another great accessory that can be created when utilizing the Plastic COBRA Buckle.
  • Armor Carriers – For paramilitary and military uses, the COBRA Buckle is indispensable. The quick-release action allows for easy release of firearms, ropes and tools attached to armor via the buckle. For defense uses, our COBRA Buckles are 100 US Berry Amendment Certified.
  • Harnesses – Quickly release harnesses with the polymer COBRA Buckle. This type of plastic hardware is light and doesn‰Ûªt take up too much space. They‰Ûªre designed to be more robust; it is one of the safest (if not THE safest) quick-release buckles available on the market.
  • Backpacks – Attach items easily to backpacks with the lightweight polymer COBRA Buckle. Sew the buckle into the backpack opening for easy access to camping, military or school gear.
  • PFD‰Ûªs – Personal flotation devices benefit greatly from COBRA Buckles. The strong buckle will keep the jacket in place. The release makes it simple for the wearer to remove the PFD.
  • Medical Packs – Medical packs need fast release closures. Medical personnel can use it to keep their supplies together. They access medical tools in an emergency, as well.
  • Shoulder Straps – Use this poly buckle on apparel items like coveralls that require shoulder straps.
  • Safety Restraints – For cars or other vehicles, the plastic COBRA Buckle is easy to release but safe for restraints.

Product Specs

Type: Male Fixed, Female Fixed, Male Adjustable, Female Adjustable

Color: Coyote Brown, Matte Black

Use the plastic COBRA Buckle for your next sewing project! Do you have questions about this product or its applications? Contact us today.

Additional information

Dimensions1 x 1 x 1 in

Male Adjustable Female Fixed


Black, Coyote Brown


1.5", 1.75", 2"



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