Bonded Nylon Thread T135


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Uses: leather goods, upholstery, automotive and so much more!

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Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread T135

Bonded nylon sewing thread is a tough, high tenacity performance thread. 69 nylon bonded thread is made from Nylon 6, 6 continuous filament yarns. Bonded nylon thread has very high seam strength, stretch recovery, and excellent abrasion resistance!

The nylon filaments are bonded together to improve sewing performance at high speeds. It has very high heat resistance as well. Primarily used in leather goods, upholstery, automotive and other industries. Choose from our wide range of colors.

Uses for Nylon Bonded Sewing Thread

  • Leather goods
  • Upholstery
  • Automotive
  • Much more!

Features: Excellent abrasion resistance, high seam strength and stretch recovery, and excellent heat resistance during sewing.

Weight: 1 lb King spool

Width (inches): n/a

Content: 100% Nylon 6, 6 bonded filament

Coating: n/a

Finish: Bonded

Yarn: Nylon 6,6

Weave: N/A

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*Our bonded nylon thread comes in over 95 colors in some Tex sizes. Please note Red Color #3120 is being replaced with Red Color #2174. As we are only showing about 9 of these, if there is a custom color you are looking for please call us at 404.514.7166*

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