Acrylic Awning Fabric

$16.00 / linear yard(60" Wx36"L)

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  • Acrylic Topcoat Finish
  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • UV, Water, Mildew and Flame Resistant
  • 15 oz/sq yd 60″ wide, sold by the linear yard
  • Paintable and screen printable
  • Perfect for outdoor applications like tents, yurts, awnings, signs, pole banners and more
  • Check our our selection of sewing thread that may work with this product.
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Our acrylic awning fabric is just what you need to keep the sun at bay!

Note:  Fabric has cotton cotton which may lead to eventual mildew/mold growth.  This is a natural occurrence with cotton in hot, humid, wet climates.  Topcoat side (shinier side) should always face out.  On lighter colors this will be more difficult to see, but the shinier side will bead water better than the dull side.

Laundering Tips

To ensure your acrylic awning fabric lasts as long as possible, here our some tips on how to take care of the product.

General Guidance

When handing your awning fabric, be sure to keep dirt and debris from building up. Wash the fabric regularly with mild soap or just water. Don’t drag this fabric on a rough surface to avoid damage.


  • Keep the fabric clean – it will go a long way in ensuring mildew doesn’t begin to take hold.
  • With a mild soap and soft brush, spot clean the fabric. Be sure to rinse right after!
  • Rinse your awning on a hot, sunny day to ensure quick drying without the chance of mildew growth.
  • Periodically check your awning for signs of wear and staining.


  • Fold your awning during cold temperatures.
  • Drag along abrasive surfaces — this can cause damage to the acrylic awning fabric.
  • Let water stand on the fabric for too long.
  • Use heavy-duty cleansers on the fabric — stick to mild soap.
  • Have fires beneath the fabric. This is a fire hazard and could damage the awning.
  • Fold and store wet fabric.
  • Allow debris such as sticks and dirt to accumulate on your awning.

Fabric Uses & Benefits

Our acrylic awning fabric performs outstandingly! Durable and rugged, with proper care, it can withstand life in the outdoors. Here are some more reasons you should use this fabric on your next awning:




Strong acrylic top coat finish

Not just good for awnings — also great for yurts, signs, pole banners, and so much more!

Acrylic Awning Fabric Specs

Weight: 15 oz/ square yard

Base fabric weight:  7.5 ounces/square yard

Acrylic Coating:  ~ 7 ounces/ square yard

Width (inches): 58|60

Content:  Polycotton Duck

Coating: Acrylic Top Coat

Color: See Above

Finish: UV, WR, FR (CPAI 84)

Weave: Plain

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