2 Pc Uprights- Versatop Pipe and Base 2.0


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  • Made In USA
  • Fitted with Glid-Lock Technology allows for easy lifting and lowering of the telescoping upright without marking or scaring your hardware
  • No more pinch points like the slip collar system, which means no more blisters
  • Fitted with the Versatop Crown for quick top down connection sockets
  • No slots which means no damage from hooks
  • Anodized silver or black
  • For sizes below, call us at 404.514.7166 or e-mail us at  These sizes require extra handling which needs to be specially calculated.
    • 2 PC – 8′-14′, 9′-16′
    • 3 PC – 7′-17′, 8′-20′, 9′-23′
  • Versatop 2.0 Drape Supports
  • Versatop Accessories
  • Bases
  • Checkout our testing video below


This is the next evolution of pipe and drape systems as we know them. The Versatop Pipe and Drape 2.0 system features innovative Versatop Uprights. These telescoping upright poles are a new iteration of the bearing style slip lock found on most traditional pipe and drape systems.

Versatop Uprights Features

  1. Patent-pending, ergonomic design
  2. Uses Versatop 2.0 Crown
  3. Single-button release for easy lowering
  4. Durable inner pile for longevity and safety
  5. Limited lifetime warranty
  6. Available in Anodized silver or black

Ergonomic Design

Versatop Uprights, besides being excellent at holding up support bars, are exceptionally ergonomic. You only need one hand to hit the one-button release to trigger the telescoping effect. In the past, this might have required one or more people to do!

Above all, a single person can assemble the Versatop 2.0 Pipe and Drape system. With a bend of the knees, you can telescope the upright with ease. As a result, this motion is easier on the back. The Glide-Lock slips and slides into place flawlessly. Fewer working hours saves you time and money.

Telescoping Versatop Uprights for Mobility

Most noteworthy, the best part of telescoping uprights is their added mobility. They collapse for easy travel! Our bags make it easy to transport the system to your next trade show or event. For smaller setups, your system easily fits into your truck or checked-in luggage for an airline. Therefore, you have lots of options. This flexibility is probably the most significant benefit of the Versatop 2.0 Pipe and Drape system.

Look to Canvas ETC for Your Versatop 2.0 Needs

Canvas ETC is your premier Versatop Uprights supplier. Above all, we carry many of the Versatop 2.0 Pipe and Drape system products. So, explore our full collection to learn more. If you need further assistance, our pipe and drape experts are ready to help you assemble a new system or guide you on how to update your traditional system to work with Versatop 2.0 components.

Versatop Pipe and Drap Accessories

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