1050 Denier Super Ballistic Nylon Fabric | 60″

$15.25 / linear yard

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Super Ballistic Nylon uses:   industrial hose wraps, luggage, bottoms of bags, various packs, police belts, tool belts, watchstraps, motorcycle jackets, kayaks, motorcycle chaps, and many more applications such as Cowboy Fast Draw protective backdrops during competition and for wax bullet shooting practice!

Note: All fabric material is sold by the linear yard. Most orders are shipped folded; certain items 10 yards or more will be shipped on a tube. If you need your order to ship on a tube, please click the box on the cart page. Primed artist canvas is the only item shipped on a tube regardless of length.

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1050 Denier Super Ballistic Nylon Material – Black – 60 in wide

What is it?

Higher abrasion resistance than our standard 1050 Ballistic Nylon Fabric.  Superior tensile and tear strengths.  Used in industrial hose wraps to protect and sheath industrial and hydraulic hoses.

The many uses of 1050 denier ballistic nylon fabric include:

  • Luggage
  • Cave backpacks
  • Motorcycle chaps and jackets
  • Kayaks
  • Tool belts
  • Police belts
  • Industrial hose wraps
Tactical Bags crafted from our 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon Fabric
Tactical Bags crafted from our 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon Fabric

Another option to consider would be our 1680 ballistic nylon fabric due to its weight and construction.

1050 Denier Super Ballistic Nylon fiber performance:

Durability: Excellent

Abrasion Resistant: Excellent

Tenacity: Excellent

Comfort: Poor

Absorbency: Poor

Appearance Retention: High

Dimensional Stability: High

Super Ballistic Nylon Specs
Content 100% Nylon
Yarn Warp 1050D x 2ply / Fill 1050D x 2ply
Thread Count Warp 22 x Fill 21
Weave Plain
Finish Dyed, Urethane, Water Repellent
Coating Special High Abrasion Resistant PU
Fabric Weight 12.14 oz/sq yd
Coating Weight 1.3 oz/sq yd
Total Weight 13.45 oz/sq yd
Tear Strength Warp 89lbs x Fill 85 lbs ASTM D2261 -13
Abrasion Exceeds 1000 ASTM D3884 – 09
Tensile Warp 1120lb x 990 lb ASTM D5034 – 09
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