How to Create Your Own Portable Photo Booth Kit

How to Create Your Own Portable Photo Booth Kit

Bringing a portable photo booth kit to any event is always a big hit. With the ever increasing need to capture all of our favorite moments, portable photo booth kits transform that desire into a reality. What seems like a costly endeavor is actually made cost effective when done right!

Are you interested in adding an exciting incentive to your next occasion? Look no further than a portable photo booth kit! These kits come packed with fun for everyone of any age. Canvas Etc has almost all you’ll need to start making a portable photo booth kit! Make your next affair one to remember with the ever iconic portable photo booth.

Photo Booths: A Detailed History

Portable photo booth kits are not a new concept. As a matter of fact, the first portable photo booth was invented in the early 1920’s! The invention of the first curtained portable photo booth manifested in the mind of Anatol Josepho. With the backing of many investors, he placed his first photo booth in New York City. His invention was eventually called “Broadway’s greatest quarter-snatcher”, as it grew to become of the world’s most captivating inventions of the 20th century.

Josepho’s portable photo booth kit (named the “Photomaton”) was such a hit that there needed to be round-the-clock watch to control the crowds who lined up to use it. Over the course of just three years, Anatol’s kit grew in popularity, and he built up The Photomaton Company as a result. His machines shipped all over the country and ultimately, Josepho sold the rights to his portable photo booth kit to Henry Morgenthau, Sr.  

This invention continues to fascinate all those who come into contact with it. A portable memory available to you instantaneously is more appealing than having to wait for your photos physically or digitally. If not for Anatol Josepho’s talent and genius, portable photo booth kits wouldn’t have become the big hit that they still are today!

Portable Photo Booth Kits: Things to Consider

A portable photo booth kit is as complex or simple as you want! While portable photo booth kits that are rentable come equipped with specific booth software and built in cameras, doing it yourself doesn’t have to be difficult! Some things to consider when building a portable photo booth kit are:

  • Size: The size of your portable photo booth kit is able to be as large or small as you want it to be. If you’re constructing a booth for your child’s birthday, it wouldn’t have to be as physically large as it would for an adult. If you’re wanting to incorporate groups of people being photographed at one time, you may want to make your kit more wide. The opportunities are endless.
  • Camera: We exist in a digital age where cameras are everywhere. Depending on how you’ve designed your booth, you may want to include the use of a higher end dslr camera. If you’re photo booth is just for fun, a smartphone may work best.
  • Printer: Having a printer setup for your portable photo booth kit allows your guests to take their memories with them in real time. With some photo paper and photo booth software, you can print using a basic inkjet printer! If you’re going the digital route, consider using booth software that provides the option of connecting and sharing to social media.

Once you narrow in on the style of photo booth you’d like for your personal or professional use, the process of building one can come with ease.

How to Construct a Portable Photo Booth Kit

The construction of a portable photo booth kit doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Some supplies you’ll need are: 

portable photo booth kit 2

  • Piping for Framework
  • Drapery or Curtains
  • A Backdrop
  • Lighting (example: LED lights, but this is optional) 
  • A Camera (this could be a dslr camera, smartphone or tablet)
  • Printer and Photo Paper 

The first step in building your portable photo booth kit will be to know the size you’ll want your booth to be. Once that’s figured out, getting a sturdy or heavy duty piping system from a vendor like Canvas Etc would be next.

Once you have your piping system up, you’ll add your drapery. A great drapery option for photo booths is our high quality Commando drape. Commando drape comes in a blackout style, allowing for less to no light to pass through. Your photos will be well lit and not disturbed by an outside light source.

After the drapery hangs from your framework, the inside work can begin! An exciting step is selecting your backdrop. If you’re setting up your portable photo booth kit for a more professional function, consider using something like our banjo drape. For something more timeless and classy, our velour drape makes a powerful statement!

Once the construction is complete, setting up your lighting, camera, and printer is next. Testing your photo booth to ensure everything works properly is key. Once you’ve been able to test its full capabilities, you can gather various amusing accessories like photo booth props. From there, the entertainment can start!

Portable Photo Booth Kit Accessories

Portable photo booth kits bring joy and lasting memories wherever they are found. To add an extra element of enjoyment to your booth, you can find these sort of accessories:

  • Props: Photo booth props are a staple for any booth! Running to your nearest party store or even doing it yourself will bring your booth to the next level.
  • Lights: If your booth is completely covered, then having lighting will assist in making sure your photos come out well. Setting up electric LED lighting strips or having lamps in your booth will give your photo booth a professional feel.
  • Various Backdrops: Whether fabric, paper, or vinyl, good backdrop variations are great to have when you want the options for your guests. Customizing backdrops for events as well with company logos or unique graphics is an added bonus!
  • Drapery Clips: If you want your curtains to slide effortlessly, try using drapery clips! Truss setups are also an efficient way to ensure your drapery can be movable for your guests easy access in and out of the booth.

Accessorizing your portable photo booth kit makes for a more enjoyable feel overall. Not sure where you’d like to start? Contact one of our experts today and they’ll help get your portable photo booth off the ground!

Photo of Anatol Josepho inside his photo booth by Unknown (Bain News Service, publisher). This image is available from the United States Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID ggbain.25079.