Photography Backdrops – A Studio Must-Have

Photography Backdrops

Muslin Photography Backdrops are truly a critical component throughout the photography industry. Easily stowed and transported, and in addition to being highly durable and versatile, they are a must-have item to complete the studio setup. Photographers know that they must have clean images and clear backgrounds for their shoots and to ensure that the focal point is not distracted from. Additionally, and aside from their relatively low price by the yard or full roll, muslin fabric for photography backdrops remain among the most valued photography and studio products on the market today!

Our non-reflective, highest-quality muslin cotton material will create a highly professional look with virtually minimal effort. Our muslin comes in varying widths and in a beautiful natural color tone, but can easily be dyed in solid colors to balance the photoshoot and add rich, contrasting tones to the image/ scene.  Our dye layering technical process ensures the most vibrant colors with excellent depth. All-in-all, muslin photography backdrops easily create a unique ambiance in location and at any studio, and are widely known to be ideal for events, portraits, product shots, video production, and anything else where a clean backdrop is needed.

Painted canvas photography studio backdrop
Painted canvas photography studio backdrop Muslin photography backdrops have the ultimate durability and superior visual appeal. Photographers and journalists can rest assured that all unsightly sight lines are eliminated. Made from durable, 100% cotton material that is easy to clean and machine washable, our Muslin for photographic backdrops is a nice and natural color, but if you would like a specific design or style custom printed on the material, we can certainly accommodate your unique requests.

Select from over 800 designs (or submit your own to us) for a unique Photographic Backdrop

Simply email our team at with your portrait studio backdrops requests, and we will be glad to work with you to achieve the exact look, tone, design and image for your backdrop studio photography sessions. You can select from over 800 designs by exploring our custom, on-demand printing category. 

Scenic custom printed backdrop
Scenic custom printed backdrop

Muslin Photography Backdrops are top choices for adding a smooth, crisp background to product shots, portraits, video productions, group photos, baby and toddler photography sessions, and more. These muslin photo backgrounds are crafted from extra durable, 100% cotton material which makes them ideal for heavy-duty work such as rugged location shots, and for large product shoots.

Backdrop for Photoshoot in Any Color
Backdrop for Photoshoot in Any Color

Our fabric is all quite easy to transport, but if they become wrinkled during travel, we recommend that you steam the fabric to release the creases. Store away folded loosely and rolled. Muslin can be used often and repeatedly, and will certainly stand the test of time due to its strength and durability from the tightly woven cotton cloth! If you are looking for an ideal material for a photography backdrop, we have you covered!