Organic Cotton Fabric

Organic Cotton Fabric

At Canvas Etc., we carry a variety of textiles including organic cotton fabric. Cotton is an ancient plant that has been used for centuries throughout the world. We see it in everything: from our clothing, to our sheets, cotton is one of the most universally known textiles it our day in age. While cotton has been mass-produced longer than any of us have been alive, the question still exists: what’s better? Organic, or conventionally grown cotton?

Organic Cotton Fabric: The History

Cotton was first discovered in countries like India and Pakistan. While the plant’s existence spread throughout areas like Egypt, cotton began being used for producing fibrous textiles and other materials. The most interesting thing about the production of cotton was the ingenuity behind its discovery. Once it spread across the world into areas like Asia and the Americas, inventions like the cotton gin allowed for mass production of this wondrous textile. The Industrial Revolution put organic cotton on the map to become one the most sought after textiles– even today.

Organic vs. Conventionally Grown Cotton: What’s the Difference?

While conventionally grown cotton remains one of the largest materials produced and manufactured into various products and goods, there’s a true difference between its organic counterpart. Conventionally grown cotton is harvested similarly to organic cotton, however the biggest contrast are in the use pesticides and various chemicals.

Organically grown cotton does not contain any chemicals in its processing. Conventionally grown cotton accounts for many different chemicals and pesticides used during the growth process. While it’s processed to be safe for use, the processing of conventionally grown cotton has been known to account for harsh environments for its growers and animals alike.

Because of the chemicals used during its processing, it also can affect the quality of the cotton itself. Chemically treated cotton can wear down the fibers which can affect the durability and lasting potential of the product over time.

Some may also argue that the cost between organic and conventionally grown cotton is a enough to stick with conventionally grown cotton. While organic cotton is made without harmful chemicals and additives, its cost is driven up based on that fact. Bottom line, organic cotton will always be more expensive.

Is Organic Cotton Fabric Truly Better?

While organic cotton isn’t chemically processed and may have more durability against its conventionally grown counterpart, cost is always a factor. Conventionally grown cotton has also been manufactured for decades. Although its processes are not entirely good for the environment, they’ve are far more popular than some synthetic fabrics. It all comes down to a choice. What works best for you and your projects is the right choice. Organic cotton fabric is great for projects like: 

  • Tote Bags
  • Curtains
  • Upholstery
  • Tents
  • And more!

Looking for some inspiration? Head over to our free sewing tutorials section or YouTube channel to see what you can make with all of our fabric offerings. If you have any questions, we’re here to support you! Contact us today to learn more about our fabrics and how they can be used for your upcoming project.