Marine Canvas Supplies for Your Nautical Needs

Marine Canvas Supplies for Your Nautical Needs

During the warmer months, there are a multitude of possibilities for fun activities. For many, that includes being out on the water in their boat. If you consider yourself a part-time or even full time mariner, you also understand the necessity of ensuring your watercraft is kept in tip-top shape. Marine canvas is durable and made to withstand the numerous amounts of challenges your vessel can face while on the water or while stored.

Styles of Marine Canvas

Boat canvas has been in use since the dawn of long voyage sailing. While regular canvas itself has extremely durable properties, marine canvas has been treated in various ways to hold up against the toughest of conditions. Also, and more importantly, marine canvas remains as durable against water and sun damage. At Canvas Etc., we supply a variety of canvas styles to suit a variety of uses. For instance, we carry Sunforger canvas, which is a treated canvas to withstand mildew and is water repellent. It is also manufactured with plied yarns to remain as long wearing and durable as possible. Another long-lasting textile is waxed canvas, which withstands the harshest weather conditions. All in all, most styles of marine canvases are tested and ensured to hold up against whatever weather conditions comes their way.

What Floats Your Boat: Best Uses for Marine Canvas

Marine canvas is the go-to textile for various boating or watercraft needs. Since the fabric itself holds itself against all elements, especially those water related. No wonder it’s used for so many nautical applications! Boat covers made from textiles such as waxed canvas (which is treated with a variety of finishes depending on the need) can be tested against the harshest weather conditions and come up sturdy every time. Other uses of marine canvas extend to products like boat awnings, or boat dodgers. These help block the sun so that drivers and others on the boat can enjoy themselves in the shade.

Marine canvas can be used in various upholstery projects for your watercraft, and includes ensuring that seats, sails and storage spaces are protected. Although marine canvas was also once used in the creation of sails, synthetic textiles such as nylon are often used. When your nautical necessities call for strength and durability, marine canvas is up to the challenge every single time.

Keeping Your Marine Canvas in Top-Notch Shape

Although marine canvas can keep up with the hardest of environments and remains durable over many trials and tribulations, it makes sense to treat your canvas to some regular maintenance. Regular, routine upkeep can keep marine canvas stronger for a longer period of time. Some tips to keep your marine canvas in top-notch shape are:

  • Spraying it with a marine canvas cleaner and giving it a good scrub
  • Using stain remover for hard to remove stains such as bird droppings
  • Reapplying water repellent finishes like Canvak to refresh the water repellency in your marine canvas fabric

While marine canvas can still withstand the elements and hold itself against many water related situations, the recommended tips above will help prolong your canvas’ durability.

Going Off Book: Alternative Projects for Marine Canvas

Traditionally, marine canvas is utilized for things such as boat covers, sails, dodgers, and other conventional boat materials. However, marine canvas is as versatile as it is strong. Like traditional canvas, marine canvas can be utilized for an endless amount of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects including the creation of sea worthy buckets. Since marine canvas is very water repellent, you can rest assured that whether you’re on dry land or in your favorite vessel, the fabric will perform well. Marine canvas styles such as our Sunforger canvas can be used to make a set of comfortable and durable cushions for your boat or your outdoor furniture!

The use of canvas can also be extended into a fashion statement. While we have our own line of sturdy and durable canvas bags, you can also make your own. The use of this tough bag can be tested on dry land or in water when made with marine canvas! In the end, the uses for marine canvas can always be outstretched further than just for nautical use.
Marine canvas has long since made its mark on the nautical community. While it can be used in various sea worthy ways, it can also be used in non-traditional projects on dry land. Canvas’ versatility makes it a valuable, effective and cost-effective textile. At Canvas Etc., we ensure to always have the right textile for your every need! Contact us today if you have any questions on any of our canvas and Sunforger products.