How-To: Keep Your Pipe and Drape Supplies Organized

As an event coordinator or party planner, you know that pipe and drape supplies are a crucial component of any successful event. However, with multiple events to plan, it can be easy for your supplies to become disorganized, dirty and difficult to manage. Let’s discuss some tips and tricks for keeping your pipe and drape supplies organized, making it easier for you to transport them to events, and ensuring that they are in top condition ready to create stunning event backdrops.

Organizing and Storing Pipe and Drape Kits

One of the key aspects of keeping your pipe and drape supplies organized is by having a proper storage system in place. Here are some of our top tips:

  • Invest in durable bags or boxes that are easy to carry and can keep all the components of your pipe and drape kits together.
  • Clearly label your storage containers with the contents of each storage box or bag. This will make it easy to identify which kits contain which pieces, reducing the risk of confusion or damage while setting up the event.

By storing your supplies in a methodical and easily accessible manner, you will be prepared for any event that comes your way.

Traveling with Pipe and Drape

Transporting your pipe and drape supplies can be challenging, particularly if you need to travel long distances. Keeping everything organized and damage-free will help you save money and hassle and be prepared for your next event.

Our recommendations:

  • Pack all pieces so that nothing can move around, which could cause bumps and scratches to the hardware. You can wrap your pipe in old towels or make sure they are snuggly packed together to avoid scraping and scratching.
  • Make sure your boxes and/or open pipe are well-secured within your vehicle. Shifting pipes and boxes can be dangerous.

By packing and transporting your pipe and drape supplies carefully, you can ensure that they will be ready for use when you reach your destination.

Laundering Drape Fabric

Drape fabric can quickly lose its beauty if it is not properly cared for. Consider these best practices to ensure your fabric maintains its original look:

  • Wash in a machine with cold water and a mild detergent.
  • Hang dry until the fabric is evenly dry, taking care not to over-dry.
  • Store clean drapes flat or hanging and free of wrinkles.
  • **Read the care directions for each fabric to ensure the proper care is given to the fabric.

By taking the time to properly launder your drape fabric, you provide yourself with the opportunity to reuse it in the future.

Let Canvas ETC Assist with Your Pipe & Drape Needs

In conclusion, keeping your pipe and drape supplies organized, travel-ready, and laundered will save you time, money and hassles thrown your way throughout the event planning and execution process. Organize your supplies, pack and transport them with care, and take the time to launder fabrics to ensure they are always in the best condition for use. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to successful events with stunning backdrops. 

At Canvas ETC, we have a staff of experienced fabric and pipe & drape professionals ready to assist you with your 

Happy event planning!