Fuchsia Color – The Most Provocative

Fuchsia Color: Let’s Learn More

A most funny word – Fuchsia. Straddling that fine line between purple and pink, the pronunciation of this vivid fuchsia color sounds nothing like its proper spelling. Named for a flower (and which a German botanist named Leonard Fuchs labeled it), this tropical originating decorative shrub is most commonly raised as a houseplant.






With regards to the Fuchsia color, it was introduced as a new aniline dye called fuchsine in the mid-19th century, and the dye was renamed Magenta around 1860 to celebrate the Battle of Magenta and the victory by the French army in that Italian city that bears its name. Often times, it is difficult to recognize the differences between the two colors (Magenta and Fuchsia), and in fact, the color models that are used to create colors on computers and TV screens define Magenta and the Fuchsia as the same one!

As detailed, Fuchsia and Magenta are considered by many to be the same color and on the web they are indeed the same. In the RGB color wheel, Fuchsia and Magenta are the same color, with Fuchsia being a secondary color. But, Magenta is a very precisely defined value as a primary color.

However, in a paint color palette or in a print they are different and it is quite noticeable. Fuchsia is the hue that lies between violet and magenta, and Magenta from red and blue. Fuchsia is certainly more purplish in color and Magenta is more reddish in color.

Fuchsia color falls within the pink color group range scale, and is accompanied by carnation, magenta, hot pink, baby pink, Baker-Miller pink.

Fuchsia color on satin backed crepe fabric
Fuchsia color on satin backed crepe fabric

A Popular Color for Interior Design

One thing is for certain, and that is that fuchsia remains a very popular color for interior design, home decorating projects and can be found on many different fabric types to meet very specific design and project needs.

Our 10 ounce 60″ wide Fuchsia color canvas is ideally suited for medium duty bags, cornhole bags, aprons, tote bags, backpacks, table mats and for slipcovers.

Our Vivacious Bottlebrush design from Katja Ollendorff Designs has just enough of the fuchsia color as an accent and can be printed on 20 different fabric types, and used in the creation of Drapes, Curtains, Pillows, Garments and Scarves.

If you are an Interior Designer, Maker or love Home Decorating with the fuchsia color, you will most definitely want to see the Fuchsia color in our Checked Thread design from Katja Ollendorff Designs!

Our “Blush” design in Delphine Stripe is most assuredly a bold look, and has become very popular when looking for Fuchsia color designs and patterns!

The Pink Scale from our Deco Tribal designs is another great design pattern that captures the essence of fuchsia remarkably well.

If an elegant and royal look is more to your liking, then the Spirit Emblem in the fuchsia color is one that cannot be overlooked!

If you have any questions regarding our many Fuchsia color designs and fabric options, email us at  We will be glad to offer further assistance and options for your specific needs! We can also print any fuchsia color design pattern on over 20 different fabric types, and depending on the desired end-product!