Fabric Crafts for Your Best Friend

In this article, we are going to teach you how to make a variety of different fabric crafts for your best friend. These crafts are perfect for making special handmade gifts for your friends! You can choose from pillows, pouches, purses and more. Plus, there is no need to spend a lot of money on expensive materials because most of these projects use affordable fabrics from Canvas ETC!

Why Make a Gift for Your Friends?

Friends are important people in our lives. They keep us grounded, they help us celebrate life’s highs and lows with humor or a shoulder to cry on when we need it most, and what would the world be like without them? We wouldn’t have anyone who is always there for you! It can be hard sometimes to show your friends how much you care, but we have just the thing! How about trying your hand at one of these easy to moderate fabric crafts for your best friend? Check out this curated list of projects:

No Sew Pillow Cover


Crafts are always fun, and for some people they can even be therapeutic. However, there is a point when it doesn’t seem worth the effort to pick up your needle and thread or cutting tool. If you’re one of these people then this pillow cover project might just be perfect for you! No sewing skills needed here! All you need is fabric, fabric glue, Velcro, toothpick, scissors, and fabric clips or clothespins.

DIY Flower Pouch Bag

flowerpouch_sewingtimes_20-fabric crafts for your best friend

This DIY flower pouch bag from Sewing Times is absolutely cute!  It’s perfect for carrying your makeup or toiletry items when traveling. This project is moderately challenging. But if you have some experience with sewing, you won’t have any trouble with this one. 

The downloadable pattern is easy-to-follow, and the photo tutorial takes you through the project step-by-step. We highly suggest these fabric crafts for your friends!

DIY Fabric Envelope Clutch

fabric crafts for your best friends canvas etc

This DIY fabric envelope clutch from Better Homes & Gardens is perfect for a night out on the town. It’s easy to make and with just a little bit of sewing skills, you can learn how to do this project in no time! 

Because this is a small craft project, you don’t need much fabric. So, feel free to use up some of that scrap fabric you need to get rid of. Your friends will love the thoughtful gift and modern design.

Square Hot Pads with Hand Pockets


The folks over at Make It & Love It created this amazing and stylish fabric trivet with the pockets so you can use these to take hot items out of the oven. Talk about versatility! 

This is a great project for those who enjoy sewing and creating beautiful things. All you need are some basic supplies, which can be found at most any fabric store or craft shop. We also think this project would pair perfectly with one of our printed fabrics from the many designers that partner with Canvas ETC.

Create Fabric Crafts for Your Best Friend with a Little Help from Canvas ETC

At Canvas ETC, we can’t wait to help you make your next sewing project! We offer all sorts of sewing and fabric supplies. We hope you like our curated list of fabric projects. Next time you need a gift idea, you’ll have these projects ready.

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