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Best Easter Crafts for You and the Family!


This year, take Easter into your own hands with one of these fun and family-friendly Easter crafts.

Soft Fabric Easter Eggs


Bombshell Bling has a tutorial for these fantastic soft cloth Easter eggs that are perfect for home decor or gifts for babies and toddlers who are too young for candy. The best part? These stuffed eggs can be made from scrap fabric! This project is a great way to use up extra fabric you have and it’s one of our favorite Easter crafts.

No-Sew Easter Bunny


For an extra-easy craft appropriate for adults and kids alike, check out this project from Feeling Nifty. All you need are some old socks, uncooked rice, rubber bands, a black marker, and ribbon (if you have some). In 5 minutes, you’ll have a cute decorative piece that would be at home on your mantle or in an Easter basket.

Paper Napkin Easter Bunnies


These affordable handmade bunnies are made using paper napkins, wooden beads, a marker, ribbon, and your favorite chocolate candies. The folks over at one little project…at a time, have a tutorial for these cute little bunnies. They would look great on an Easter table or given as gifts. We love these little bunnies!

Fabric Carrots


Do you have some orange patterned fabric lying around? If so, try making these sweet fabric carrots. What you’ll need for this project is orange fabric, poly stuffing, greenery (silk or plastic), jute twine, and pinking shears. These carrots would look great in the middle of a table or as a gift in a kid’s Easter basket!

Easter Gift Bags


We can’t get enough of these DIY Easter gift bags. They are a great way to use scrap fabrics while giving children a gift that matters. What’s best about this? Kids can use and play with the bag after Easter. They can even be used by adults for potpourri satchels! This project is a little more advanced and may not be appropriate for little kids, but people middle school aged and above can make these baggies with relative ease.

Teeny Tiny Easter Basket


Another scrap fabric-based project, these tiny Easter baskets are just the thing to make if you want to wow your giftee. This project is easy enough for novice sewers but does require a little know-how. The tutorial is super helpful though, so give this project a try!

Visit Canvas ETC for Your Easter Crafts

If you need material for your Easter crafts, look no further than Canvas ETC. We have great deals on fabrics by the yard and wholesale. Also, be sure to follow our Pinterest page for hundreds of craft ideas!

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