Drop Cloth Curtains – A 5 Minute DIY Project

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

Drop cloth curtains are sure to add a nice touch of rustic decor to your home! If you have ever wondered how to make drop cloth curtains, this quick and easy DIY project takes you through this simple process! An inexpensive fabric material and 5 minutes is all it takes to create a wonderful and new addition to your interior decor, and which will provide both privacy and great sun/ light blocking benefits! Warmer weather seasons and sunlight can quickly heat any room, and drive up your energy usage. These drop cloth curtains will also immediately be beneficial to your wallet, saving your hard-earned money while reducing your energy and air-conditioning consumption!

For this project, we have chosen to craft canvas drop cloth curtains using a 60″ width 10 ounce cotton duck fabric, which is a durable yet middle weight single filled material made from single yarns. Incidentally, this 10 ounce cotton duck fabric is also widely used in the creation of slipcovers, futon covers, tents and tipis. As this is a Natural colored canvas, and due to it being an A grade dyeable material, the high quality yarns make it easy to paint with acrylics if you desire to add color and/ or patterns to your DIY drop cloth curtains. If you would like to add a stocked color canvas material versus Natural, then you can choose from a wide-ranging color selection here.

So, let’s begin:

  1. Simple enough, begin by identifying your current need, and which windows you would like to dress.
  2. Count your windows in need, and then measure from approximately 6 inches above the windows to the floor level. You may wish to raise them higher than 6″ above the window, so take into account how large and tall your new curtains will be based on your personal preference!
  3. Measure the width of the window from 36″ outside the window frame on both sides and across the window. This allows for extra fabric material for the curtains, and so that they hang well and are not exactly flat against the window. Too little fabric would disallow them from folding nicely, and which would detract from the aesthetic appeal of the curtains themselves.
  4. Carefully cut the drop cloth curtain fabric material (note: you may wish to use a pencil to trace your cutting lines, and to ensure accurate and vertical cuts).
  5. You may wish to add come color or interesting patterns to your drop cloth curtains, and if so, consider acrylic paint colors that you find most desirable. A stencil patternĀ  maker would also be recommended (as these are your DIY curtains, do so as you please, and as you want to achieve the desired effect and color palette!). A design and pattern could add another nice touch of design and aesthetic appeal to your new DIY drop cloth curtains.
  6. After selecting the color and type/ material of your curtain rods (brown wood, black metal, etc…), you should measure the width above the window and then accurately hang your curtain rods (ensure that the screws used are long and strong enough to support the hanging weight of the rod and drop cloth fabric material).
  7. Now simply attach these new canvas panels to the curtain rods with drapery clips. If you would like for us to add pipe pockets for you, and instead of using drapery clips, our team of sewing technicians can easily provide this service to you (please email us at with your requests for sewn pipe pockets).
  8. You are done, and can now enjoy the privacy, sunlight/ heat-blocking benefits, and personally selected designs of your new, very own drop cloth curtains!
Drop cloth curtains
Drop cloth curtains

If you need a sure-fire means of accurately cutting the cotton duck fabric for your drop cloth curtains, we highly recommend a high-quality pair of pinking shears for this project!

Pinking shears cutting fabric
Pinking shears cutting fabric

Acrylic paints and stencil patterns are easy to incorporate into your drop cloth curtain designs and craft!

Painting fabric with acrylics
Painting fabric with acrylics