The Benefits and Advantages of Digital Fabric Printing

The Benefits and Advantages of Digital Fabric Printing

The benefits of digital fabric printing services are noticeably obvious and quickly realized. To simplify a complex process, the benefits of on-demand fabric printing would be: more color; 100% accuracy; better feel; and full customization.

First, digital printing is more colorful with intelligent coloring! 

From the point of view of color, digital printing accurately controls the flow through the microcomputer for exactitude. The color of the dye is rich and vivid, and the digital printing can achieve the extreme ranges as long as it is equipped with a dedicated ICC curve.  The pigment ink used in digital printing is a nano-sized pigment paste that is ejected from an ultra-precision print head under the control of a microcomputer. Its fineness is beyond the reach of traditional printing.

Second, digital fabric printing is more accurate!

The fine patterns of digital printing can control the ink drop size of the inkjet print head and easily control the precision. Colors are matched against digital files to ensure 100% exactitude.

Third, digital fabric printing feels better!

The digital printing basically has a no coating feeling, and the printing is light, thin, soft, and has good tackiness. Even paint digital printing, because the formula resin content is very small, basically does not affect the feel. Acidic digital printing, active digital printing, disperse thermal transfer printing, and discrete direct-injection digital printing are all uncoated and do not affect the original fabric feel.

Fourth, digital fabric printing allows for complete customization!

The digital printing process allows such precision and accuracy, that a fabric can be crafted with an exact logo, design, pattern, or color variation. Any Maker, Crafter, Interior Designer, or other can order a specific finished fabric unique to their needs and utility; any business can order a fabric with their logo and branded identity with unique color palette. Full customization is available, and the benefits are unparalleled! In partnership with the renowned surface designer – Katja Ollendorff – you can select from one of her many astounding designs, select your fabric type (fabric composition), and then your desired yardage, and we can print her designs on fabric specifically for your need! You can find all of her designs here!

The Top 12 Advantages Of Digital Fabric Printing are:
  1. Wide color gamut, with colorful, high precision and delicate images.
  2. Shortens the traditional printing process, improves the cycle of orders, reduces the cost of plate making and proofing.
  3. Faster lead-time for ideation to completion and order fulfillment.
  4. Low cost of sample production.
  5. Easy to revise/ change/ modify the artwork.
  6. Perfect and repeatable sample appearance to meet the growing demand for customization!
  7. Eliminating the defects in the traditional process (color trapping and external factors) ensures the pattern on the decorative paper is finer and more delicate.
  8. Offers small-scale production, and concurrently, ensures production batches are not subject to any restrictions or individualized production needs.
  9. No pollution and low energy consumption supports a green and environmental friendly production process!
  10. Ensures that the sample is consistent with the product; data and process plans are easy to save and the replication of printing quality is accurate and repeatable.
  11. Design patterns do not need to consider the number of patterns nor pattern types.  Digital fabric printing can express thousands of colors of patterns.
  12. Allows for the reality of long patterns, with multiple pieces of personalized graphics to spell out a wide pattern.

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