Canvas-Based Craft Projects to Explore in 2020

Stuck at home and looking for a project to do? Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or looking to pick up a new hobby, Canvas ETC has eight canvas-based best craft projects for 2020. From small projects like coasters to more substantial pieces like a duvet, canvas is a versatile, appropriate fabric. 

8 Best Craft Projects for 2020

Fabric Covered Canvas Hanger

If you have a spare canvas framed for painting, you can cover it with painted or plain canvas and attach hooks to it! This decor piece can be hung wherever you need it. Use it for hanging jewelry, scarves and more! You can make a larger one with wooden supports in the back to hang heavier items like coats and bags.


Reading Nook


Take a large piece of canvas fabric and turn it into a reading nook. Create a cozy space in the corner of your living room or the kid’s bedroom. You can form the area into a tent or tipi, or stretch it with some string to build a lean-to. However you drape the fabric, it’ll form the perfect retreat from the busy world. Kids will love it for reading and for pretend playtime. 



Coasters are something we all need but don’t always take the time to consider. You can use canvas to create lovely coasters for your tables. You can use a stamp and paint to customize the fabric anyway you want. A simple fleur de lis or the first letter of your surname are popular ideas. However, if you’re going to keep things simple, the plain natural canvas looks impressive too. Don’t own a sewing machine? No problem. Use some strong fabric glue to make your coasters.


Fabric Baskets

Fabric baskets or totes are a way to keep your home organized and looking great. You can paint the fabric with the initials of your kids to hold each child’s toys or go for a minimalist look and keep the canvas bare. Whatever your taste, canvas makes a perfect match. Fabric baskets may be used for toys, pet supplies, gardening supplies, and so much more! You can even make tiny fabric baskets to store on your tabletops for jewelry, coasters and other small trinkets.





Canvas belongs on your bed! No, it really does. Canvas drop cloth is making its way onto bedding. The fabric is easy to clean, durable and warm. Sewing a duvet is easy for new learners too. Use an old comforter to stuff into the duvet. In one day, you can make yourself a lovely bed cover.



Like the duvet, people are using a canvas drop cloth to create a variety of household projects. Curtains are another example of the widespread use of canvas for craft projects. For a shabby chic or a minimalist look, canvas is the perfect fabric for you. Keep the material wrinkly for a rustic look, or steam the material for a clean drape.


Planter Covers

Cover those beat-up plastic or clay planter pots with stylish canvas planter covers. Just measure the circumference of your container and measure out two pieces square canvas, each a little larger than half the circumference. Then sew together at three sides and turn inside out. Tuck the top opening down or sew the seam. Now slip it over your pot! There you have it. It takes your indoor plant game to the next level, and all your pots will match.

DIY Log Carrier



With the weather improving, you’re sure to be spending more time outdoors. That’s when you need your log carrier made from canvas and polypro webbing. It’s both useful and pleasant to look at. Whether you’re toting logs to your outdoor fireplace or into your house, you can carry more without the risk of splinters. It’s also easier on your back. Just roll logs onto the log carrier and pick up. Remember to lift with your legs!


Check out the tutorial.


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