Canvas Awning for Homes and Businesses

Canvas Awning for Homes and Businesses

Interestingly, canvas is an ancient fabric used for various amount of projects and applications. Canvas awning fabric has a rich history dating back to early Egyptian and Syrian use for shade in their sunny region. So why is canvas used so often for outdoor projects, especially for awnings?

What is Canvas Awning?

An awning is an overhanging structure that provides protection from the outdoor elements. Traditionally, canvas was used since it’s perfect for outdoor use and will withstand all sorts of varying climate conditions for years. Canvas awnings, canopies and other protective structures are also used for enhancing the decor of your outdoor areas. These structures are perfect for showcasing your sense of style and personal touches.

Canvas awning fabric varies by type, weight and style. At Canvas Etc., our awning canvas selection comes in various colors to suit your needs, but also stands tough against harsh weather. It’s made to be outdoors over an extended period of time.

Another incredible awning canvas solution is our award winning Sunforger canvas fabric. This natural canvas fabric is pre-shrunk, water repellent, durable, mildew resistant, and in some cases flame retardant! Sunforger canvas will also remain long-lasting as you care for it.

Residential Awning for Your Home

One of the most common places to see awning canvas is outside of homes! Many homeowners opt for aluminum-based awning covers outside of their home. But, canvas awnings add a sense of personality, and they won’t rust out like an aluminum cover.

Residential awnings for your home are typically located outside of your doors. They could extend over windows, however most will only extend outside of your entrances. Awnings provide shelter from unpredictable weather. Easily stretch canvas over support beams and care for with simple power washing or spot cleaning.

Canvas Awning for Businesses

Canvas awnings are a great option for physical business structures too! with this awning, your business’s branding like a logo or tagline add awesome opportunities for attracting your ideal customers. These awnings are perfect for creating outdoor seating options for your location as well. Provide a scenic atmosphere for your customers with canvas awning options.

Canvas Awning Products

Canvas awnings for your home or business add a level of care to dwelling and come in a variety of products including:

  • Retractable Crank Canvas Awnings/Canopies: These canvas awning structures have mechanisms that allow you to roll out your awning or canopy. Then, extend it through cranking to release sturdy side arms that brace your awning. For that reason, this option allows for easy cleaning of your canvas awning as well.
  • Retractable Lateral Arm Canvas Awnings: Retractable lateral arm canvas awnings are the updated version to a crank-operated awning. These come with motorized torsion bars that extend your awning or canopy. They offer the solution of extending your awning at your leisure without having to go outside to do so through radio transmitters.
  • Rigid Canvas Awnings: This awning option is one of the most popular choices for residential and commercial structures alike. This style of awning is permanently placed over your door or window, and remains put through reinforcement. In addition, this option allows for the ability to attach screens (or no-see-um mesh) to create an outdoor room also.

Canvas awning fabric is rightfully used for stretching over an awning or canopy, but there are other uses for canvas awning fabric too!

Alternative Uses for Canvas Awning

While canvas awning fabric is intended for adding an extended shelter space outside of your home, it is also used for:

  • Marine Covers: Due to its incredible water repellent properties, using canvas awning or Sunforger canvas fabric is perfect for protecting water crafts. Cover your boats or other marine equipment with this mildew resistant and durable fabric.
  • Outdoor Furniture Covers: Keep your patio furniture looking new by using awning canvas to cover it! Awning canvas will ensure your furniture stays out of harm’s way from bad weather or harsh sunlight.
  • Tents: Awning canvas takes a tent to the next level with its tensile strength. For this reason, make your next tent from this strong fabric.

Want to learn more on how canvas awning will be perfect for your next project? Contact one of our awning canvas experts today.