The Best Ways to Celebrate Your Graduate (With Crafts)

The time has come for your child or loved one to graduate from school! Graduation is an exciting milestone in a person’s life, and it deserves to be celebrated. This article will provide you with some great craft ideas that are perfect to celebrate your graduate. You’ll find projects that range from easy and inexpensive to more complex, but all of them can make someone feel loved on their big day! Here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate your graduate:

Make a Balloon Garland for Your Graduate’s Bedroom Doorway

Balloon garland is a great “touch” for the graduate’s room – they’ll be able to see it each time they walk in. All you need is some string, balloons of various colors and sizes (a variety adds interest), tape or glue sticks, scissors.

This is a fun way to surprise them on graduation morning!

If you want an even more personal touch, then create your own sign that will say “congratulations”. It could be made from cardboard and painted or printed out on paper.

Create a Personalized Photo Album with Pictures of Their Childhood and Present

celebrate your graduate photo album canvas etc
As your graduate matriculates, it’s time to take a walk down memory lane. You can do this by creating a photo album that will showcase their life with you.

This can be done by making a scrapbook, or using the photo editing program on your computer to make albums from pictures taken on different occasions (graduations, birthdays, holidays). It’s easy and inexpensive!

Your graduate will love the keepsake, too.

Decorate Their Car with Balloons, Streamers, and Confetti to Surprise Them When They Get Home from School or Work

celebrate with your graduate balloons decorate canvas etc
One way to celebrate your graduate and share their success with the world is to decorate the exterior of their car with balloons, streamers, and confetti. This can be done now or as they are driving to school or work on graduation day. Either way it’s sure to make them feel loved!

Some people choose not to do this because they worry about littering, but if you use biodegradable materials, you don’t have to feel so guilty.

Write Out All the Things You’re Thankful for That They’ve Done in the Last Year

celebrate your graduate canvas etc thank you list
Express your gratitude by writing a list of everything they’ve done in the past year that you’re thankful for. This could be anything from helping with chores around your house to getting amazing grades!

You can even write out their achievements in the same way. For example:

    -Helped with chores around the house
    -Obtained an A+ in Biology 101
    -Raised $800 for charity by walking across town.

This will be a way to let them know how much you appreciate what they’ve done all year and remind them that, even though it’s their graduation day, there are still things they can work on and be proud of.

Go Through Old Photos of Them as a Child and Create an “I love my little” Collage on Canvas

celebrate your graduate canvas etc baby photo
Much like the photo book idea, this one can be hung up on a wall. Take your old photos and create a collage of them as a child. From the moment they were born, to their toddler years and then into childhood; you can see how much they’ve grown in that time period.

Include any important memories or milestones that happened along the way which will be an amazing reminder for them on what they accomplished over their lifetime.

Give Them a Handmade Gift That Shows How Much You Care About Them

celebrate your graduate crafts cookies canvas etc
Put your crafting hat on and make them a gift that you know they’ll love.

For example, if this graduate loves to bake cookies then make some for them using the flour and sugar from their childhood home; or even better – get together with all of your siblings and create an edible memory book!

You could also use some fabric and their old clothing to make a special quilt to cover their bed, or sew them a bookmark with the fabric with the same material.

Whatever you choose, your graduate is sure to love the craft you made by hand.

How Do You Celebrate Your Graduate? Share Your Craft with Canvas ETC

Did you create something special for your graduate? We would love to see it and share it with our readers!

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