6 Fall Crafts to Start Now

The Fall season is approaching, which means that it’s time to start preparing your bevy of Fall crafts for the holidays. Fall crafts are a great way to get into the spirit, and there are plenty of different kinds of fabric to use! Let’s take a look at six Fall crafts that you can make with fabric.

From making your own pumpkin decorating kit out of craft foam sheets to creating an lanterns out of humble mason jars, these DIY Fall projects will have you ready for the season in no time!

Fall Craft: Pumpkin Decorating Kit

Craft foam sheets are a great way to decorate for Fall! Contrary to popular belief, you can use craft foam during the Fall season.

Simply purchase the colors you like (we recommend using anywhere between two to three yards of each color per pumpkin), and then cut out leaf shapes in various sizes that will be glued onto the outside of your pumpkins. Make sure that there’s enough room on the leaves for people to write their names or design unique patterns with glitter pens.

Once all of your pieces have been cut out, simply glue them onto the exterior sides of votive candleholders (in lieu of traditional pumpkins), and place tea lights inside before displaying them on your Fall mantel.

Mason Jar Lanterns

Fall is the perfect time to bring out your collection of mason jars. Whether you use them as drinking glasses or candleholders, these glass receptacles are an integral part of any Fall dinner party.

To decorate for Fall this year, try making some DIY lanterns out of fabric scraps and hot glue. Simply gather up several different brown patches (and/or twine) before cutting each one into small squares that will act as decorative elements.

Once all pieces have been cut out, attach them onto the outside surface of the jar using regular white craft glue. Your Fall mason jar lanterns will be both decorative and functional!

DIY Autumnal Garland

If you’re looking for a Fall garland that will add a splash of color to your Fall decor, then you’ll want to check out this DIY project!

Using an autumnal color palate, simply cut your shapes from any repurposed fabric from your home and use a hole-punch or hot glue gun to apply them to a light gauge paracord, yarn, or twine (we recommend measuring the space where you want to hang it ahead of time).

Once all pieces have been applied, simply hang it with two-sided tape or pushpins. Fall décor, achieved.

Fall Door Wreath

If you’re like many people who love celebrating the changing seasons with festive decorations, but don’t exactly enjoy spending too much time crafting them at home, this is just the solution for you!

Fall door wreaths can be made out of a variety of different materials, such as leaves, twigs and acorns – however, we recommend using faux autumnal garlands in order to create the perfect Fall centerpiece.

To begin this project, simply purchase an inexpensive pre-made Fall garland from your local craft store before cutting it into various shapes that will act as decorations for your front porch.

Once all pieces have been cut out (and shaped accordingly), attach them onto the outside surface of a grapevine wreath with hot glue. Voila! You now have yourself an adorable Fall door wreath.

Woven Wall Hangings

If you’re looking for another simple way to decorate your home without taking too much time, woven wall hangings may be the perfect Fall crafting solution.

To begin crafting these Fall decorations, you’ll need to purchase a piece of plywood from your local hardware store as well as several different types of fabric (we recommend using dark green and brown fabrics for the appropriate scheme).

Next, cut each piece into smaller squares that will act as individual pieces for weaving. After completing this step, simply lay some twigs or small branches on top of the wooden board.

From there, weave cloth material around their surface until they have all been used. Use adhesive or ties where necessary. Make sure not to cover any area more than three times with cloth – otherwise it won’t look natural enough.

Fall Picture

Are you looking for an easy fall craft to do with your children? If so, this picture-making project may be the perfect solution.

To begin crafting this Fall decoration, you’ll need a large sheet of white construction paper. Once that’s been acquired, have each family member or friend color in their own individual iconic seasonal image before cutting them out gluing them onto the front surface of the board.

From there, all you have to do is hang it up using string by attaching small pieces at both top corners. It’s always special when the whole family participates.

Canvas ETC, Your Fall Fabric Source

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Happy Crafting!