6 Fabric Bulk Buying Tips: Get What You Need for the Best Price

Do you want to start your own fabric business or scale it? Are you thinking about starting a handmade sewing business or introducing a new clothing line? Whether you’re a beginner in the industry or a veteran, sourcing fabric from wholesalers – at the right price –  may make the difference between success and failure.  Let’s explore how fabric bulk buying works, and I’ll even let you in on a few simple tips and tricks you’d wish you knew sooner!

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The Basics of Bulk-Buying Fabrics 

Fabric bulk buying, in general, is a great way to get what you need for the best price. However, when it comes to bulk buying fabric, you get to buy it in larger quantities – at a discounted price. So it’s a win-win, allowing you to save a good chunk of change on your fabric purchases.

However, a few things to keep in mind when fabric bulk buying. First, before you can call yourself a master of bargaining, you have to start from the beginning.

Maybe the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing to bulk buy is to do your research on the vendor, i.e., whether the source is reputable. Although you’re going to save a lot of money when you make a bulk purchase, remember that you’ll spend a lot. 

Don’t jump the gun – you will want to compare prices from different sources. This will help you find the best deal on the fabric you need if you order online and factor in shipping costs when comparing prices. Shipping can sometimes be expensive, depending on your location. 

I can’t stress the importance of checking the vendor’s return policy. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the fabric, or if it is not what you were expecting, you have to know under which conditions you’ll be able to make a return – or if returns are even allowed. 

Spend Smartly 

Once you have the basics covered, you’re ready to start mastering the trade. If you’re prepared to take your fabric stash to the next level, it’s time to start bulk-buying fabrics. But, don’t ever forget that you’re still about to spend a lot of money – even though you’ll get a pretty good deal if you play your cards right. 

Fabric Bulk Buying The Smart Way 

Setting a budget is crucial for the operation to work. First, decide how much you’re willing to spend on fabrics each month or year – this will help you stick to your fabric-buying plan.

Once you know how much you’re willing to spend, start shopping around for the best prices on fabrics. Compare prices in-store and online, look for sales, discounts, and promotions. Frequently, online vendors offer coupons and promo codes you can apply to your order. 

Only buy what you know you’ll use so you don’t end up with a lot of fabric that just sits in your stash. Then, of course, you’re allowed to splurge a little, but only if you’re confident that you’ll make good use of the fabric. 

When buying fabric in bulk, choose quality fabrics that will last. Cheap materials may be tempting, but remember the good old – quality over quantity – especially if you provide goods to customers. 

Low-quality fabrics won’t stand the test of time, and if you sell them to your customers, you’ll lose your client base. So instead, consider investing in higher-quality fabrics even if they come at a higher price. The investment will pay off. Earthy tones folded fabric how to buy in bulk

6 Insider Tips and Tricks That’ll Forever Change Fabric Bulk Buying for the Better 

The more experience you have in fabric bulk buying, the better your chances of getting the best price. If you’re new to the game or can’t seem to wrap your mind around how the trade works, these tips and tricks sure come in handy! 

Shop Around 

There are a lot of fabric stores and online shops, allowing you to find the exact fabric you have. The biggest mistake when shopping for materials is buying them at the first store without checking the prices at other stores. 

While this indeed saves a lot of time, it costs a lot of money. So, if you’re not in a rush, take your time to visit different stores and check online offers. You’ll find the same fabric six out of ten times at a much lower price. 


If you intend to sell wholesale (to stores and other online retailers), you must first obtain sample yardage before returning to the vendor to purchase production yardage. Using a specific fabric for your sample collection, showing your line to retailers, taking orders, and then not being able to acquire extra material for production is a significant mistake.

It’s a challenging game to play when running a small business and ordering modest quantities of fabric.

You have to be ready to purchase because it may not be available for long if you find the perfect fabric. We hear horror stories from designers who are stunned to discover that a print they ordered four months ago is no longer available for re-order when required for their project—a big problem when trying to grow your business.

If your design is popular, not being able to buy the same pattern, print, or fabric in bulk again could damage the growth of your business.  

Understand Dye Lot Variations

When you are sourcing bulk fabric, it is essential to understand that the color and shades of the material can differ from time to time. Fabric is dyed, so your first bulk fabric order’s tone may vary the next time you place an order. So, if you love a shade, you should buy enough the first time to be more likely to get it from the same bolt of fabric.

Fabric Bulk Buying Tips


With a simple click of the mouse, we may now connect to people on the other side of the planet. However, just because you can communicate with someone hundreds of kilometers distant does not guarantee that the connection will be successful.

When picking a wholesale fabric distributor, you’ll have to make one of the first decisions about where the company is based. It’s not necessary to find one right down the block or even in the same city, but choosing one that’s domestic rather than international can make a significant impact.

The European Union and Asian countries like China and India are among the world’s top textile exporters. As a result, many distributors are based in other countries.

There could be several difficulties in sourcing bulk fabric from overseas fabric wholesalers.

  • Communication and time zone obstacles are difficult to overcome.
  • Due to distance and customs, shipping times are longer.
  • Potential customs delays that could take a long time to resolve
  • Inability to go to the distributor’s location
  • If an order is not fulfilled accurately, there is less recourse.

Working with a US-based distributor or supplier, such as Canvas ETC, takes care of all the difficulties mentioned above. There are fewer time zones to navigate, quicker shipping periods, no customs to deal with, the chance to see a company in person, and more remedies if an order is not delivered correctly.

You’re also more likely to be able to reach the organization by phone if you have any questions, giving you peace of mind that your demands will be fulfilled promptly.

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Look For Fabric Wholesalers That Allow You To Customize

When looking for a fabric distributor to fulfill your project, search for one that offers specialized services such as dyeing and printing. The best wholesale fabric suppliers will provide this service since they understand that each project has unique requirements.

Customizing your order comes with an added benefit. Dye lot variances are typical in the textile industry, and color shifts can occur even with “stock” hues. Therefore, when you develop your bespoke dye lot, the mill is subjected to significantly stricter monitoring to meet the criteria.


This is one of the most crucial characteristics of a fabric wholesaler. The quality of the fabric wholesaler you work with and its location and ability to deliver your fabric on time can all impact whether or not they will fulfill your order.

A reputable wholesale fabric provider will give you a turnaround time that meets if not exceeds, your expectations. If you’re working with a corporation in another country, bear that in mind if you’re on a tight timeline.

Whatever the case may be, the top suppliers will communicate with you and be transparent about projected deadlines.

Remember that the cheapest goods aren’t always the worst, and the most costly item doesn’t always ensure that it’ll be the best. So, to get the most out of your money, carefully consider the pricing and quality aspects. Then, work with the fabric experts at Canvas ETC for the best fabric bulk buying experience.