5 Must-Do Home DIY Projects

Every time you set foot in a store, you are inundated with home décor ideas. From bedspreads to pillows to curtains, the choices can be overwhelming. You might think that this is an easy fix; buy one of everything and mix-and-match until you create your own style. The only problem? This approach will cost a pretty penny! So if you’re looking for ways to inject some personality into your space without breaking the bank, we have 5 home DIY projects that will do just the trick!

1. Make a Fabulous Fabric Wall Hanging

Wall-Hanging-Pom-Poms home diy projects canvas etc
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Ready to take your home décor to the next level? Start by making a fabulous fabric wall hanging. This project is simple and inexpensive, but it’s guaranteed to create an impact in your space!

You Will Need: Fabric (roughly one yard), foam core board or cardboard large enough to cover the area of your choice on the wall, thumbtacks or pushpins, scissors.

What to Do: Take your fabric and stretch it over the foam core board or cardboard. Then, use push pins to secure it so that the fabric is flat. Use your scissors to cut out any excess fabric around the edges of your board, then hang in place by tacking the ends with thumbtacks or pushpins.

Hang your wall hanging in a prominent position in your home to add instant personality.

2. Make a Fabric Table Runner

canvas etc home diy projects table runner

Fabric table runners really make your kitchen table shine. You can make this one with a little scrap fabric and some glue!

You Will Need: Fabric, craft or hot glue gun, scissors.

What to Do: Decide how large you want your runner to be by measuring the length of your table (width times two plus 12 inches). Glue or sew the edges of the fabric so that any frays are protected and hidden.

Table runners are simple and fun to make! This idea is perfect for a spring table and will be sure to brighten up your kitchen.

3. Try Upholstering a Chair for Your Home DIY Projects

home diy projects canvas etc chair upholstery

If you’re new to upholstery, this might be a good project to start with. You can choose whatever fabric your heart desires and really make any chair an instant statement piece in the room.
You Will Need: Polyester or cotton fabric, upholstery needle and threader, tack strip (optional), staple gun (optional).

What to Do: Measure the area of the seat that you will be upholstering. Add 12 inches to the width and cut your fabric accordingly. Using a staple gun, secure tack strip to underside of seat if desired. If you don’t want any tacks visible on the top side of the chair, use an upholstery needle and threader instead.

Upholstery isn’t a beginner project, but it’s a great way to add fabric to a plain, boring chair.

4. Sew Your Own Curtains

home diy projects canvas etc curtains

Sewing your own curtains is a great way to get the perfect fit for your windows and save some money by completing your own home DIY projects. Sewing curtains may sound overwhelming, but it’s actually a rather straightforward home DIY project. Curtains are an easy sewing project that anyone can tackle with these helpful tips.

You Will Need: Fabric, scissors or rotary cutter, curtain rod, and sewing machine (or hand sewing tools), thread.

What to Do: Begin sewing your curtains by cutting your fabric to the desired length and width. Next, hem one of the long sides of each curtain panel by folding over ¼ inch and then an additional ½-inch fold (you’ll need a double stitch for this). The final step is to sew on a rod pocket at top edge or bottom edge where you want to insert your curtain rod. Lastly, create a bottom hem by folding over ¼ inch and then an additional ½-inch fold. For a more finished look, you can add decorative stitching or fringe to the bottom edge of your curtains.
This project is appropriate even for beginners. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can use high-quality fabric glue to get the job done.

5. Make a Custom Pillow Covers

home diy projects pillow case canvas etc

Our last project is a simple way to make your own custom pillow covers. This is as easy as cutting two square pieces of fabric and sewing them together, right sides facing inward (so you end up with one thick piece that can then be turned inside out).

What You’ll Need: Fabric in two coordinating colors, sewing machine or needle and thread, and an iron.

What to Do: To create the final product, measure your pillow case and cut two pieces of fabric to the same size with an extra inch or two added to each side for allowance. Then, sew the two fabric pieces together, leaving one edge open. Turn the pillow cover inside out and use an iron to finish off this DIY project from start to finish! Last edge can be sewn shut by hand or add a button for easy removal. If you are a more advanced sewer, try your hand at adding a zippered closure.

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