4th of July Craft Projects

Anytime is a good time to get started on projects for future holidays! Gather your supplies and muster some creativity for 4th of July craft projects. Here, we offer some ideas to get you a jump-start on home decor for this summer holiday. 


Bunting is an iconic 4th of July decoration often used outdoors. If made of canvas, these heavy-duty pieces can be used year after year and hold up in the summer weather with minimal fading. Properly caring for canvas bunting is as easy as washing and line drying before folding the material up again for storage. 


In the past, bunting was made of worsted wool fabric, known as tammy. Back in the 1800s, people used the fabric to make ribbons, flags and signal flags for the Navy.  Signal flags on ships are also known as bunts. Show your patriotism with bunting!


You don’t have to limit yourself to bunting for the 4th of July. On other days, you can make bunting to show your heritage! German, Irish or Mexican? You can show your pride all year long. Historical homes benefit from bunting. It just looks fantastic!

Mason Jar Centerpieces

Hosting a 4th of July shindig? Mason jar centerpieces evoke the American agricultural tradition. Food preservation was an essential part of everyday life only a generation ago. You can add candles to your mason jar or fill with a bouquet of red and white flowers. Tie with some beautiful blue canvas and burlap, and you have yourself a lovely centerpiece.  


Create miniature flags or swag with scrap cloth! Use some pinking shears or other decorative scissors to create lovely edging on the fabric. Then, use fabric glue to layer red, white, blue, and patterned canvas fabrics to give the look of depth. You can hang flags and swag on your banisters, in your kitchen, in doorways, and any other place you want to celebrate the 4th of July.

Door Wreath

Door wreaths are so welcoming! With an old wire hanger bent into a circle and some scrap fabric, you can create an affordable holiday wreath. Just tie short fabric strips tightly to the wireframe. You’ll need MANY fabric scraps, but eventually, you’ll have a lovely design. You can do it all one color or alternate colors for a fun pattern. 

Table Cloths & Cloth Napkins

Decided to make those mason jar centerpieces we talked about? How about taking your tablescape to the next level with a handmade tablecloth and cloth napkins. Using canvas drop cloth, you can create a lovely rustic tablecloth. Keep the wrinkles in or steam them out, depending on your liking. Use spare dropcloth from the tablecloth to make napkins and tie with a lovely piece of red or blue burlap or other scrap material. 

Tree and Potted Plant Decor

Add some color to trees on your property or potted plants on your porch or walkway with fabric ties. Take a long strip of durable colored or natural canvas and tie a lovely bow on your trees. This works well if you have trees surrounding your property. It makes quite the effect. You can use fabric pens to draw designs like stars on your natural canvas. Or, you can use a dyed cloth for a bold statement. Either way, your neighborhood will love the show of patriotism. 

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