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10 Different Types of Prints on Fabric


Prints on fabric add to decorative detail to your home. Whether the prints are on pillow cases or bed linens, there are plenty of print types depending on the aesthetic of your home. Here are 10 popular types of prints on fabric:

1. Brocade

This pattern type is commonly used for drapes and upholstery. Although you’ll sometimes see it in bedding and decorative pieces. While it’s traditionally woven on a Jacquard loom that makes the design pop off the fabric, today it’s often printed onto fabric using one of the many technologies available.

2. Seasonal Prints

prints on fabric lulet designs seasonal prints canvas etc
Lulet Designs

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween — all the holidays can be celebrated with festive seasonal prints on fabric. Here are a few ways to use seasonal prints at home:

  • Table Cloths
  • Decorative Pillows
  • Furniture Covers
  • Wall Tapestries
  • Duvets

3. Checkers

Checked patterns are tried and true ways to infuse some color accents into your home. You’ll often see the checked pattern in white and another color. The pattern is versatile and can be used anywhere in your home.

4. Damask

Like brocade, damask is woven on a Jacquard loom. The pattern is somewhat floral and often made with luxury materials like silk. Damask, known for its natural sheen, looks expensive. Depending on the fabric used, fabric printing creates a similar effect.

5. Chevron

First you zig, then you zag. That’s what a chevron pattern does. These zigzagging stripes usually utilize alternating colors. You’ll find this pattern in many home decor shops. The contemporary pattern adds a touch of fun to any room.

6. Ditsy

JWylie Designs

Ditsy, or ditzy, uses patterns scattered throughout the fabric. You’ll often find flowers, small figures, or geometric shapes. Our partner, surface designer John Wylie (JWylie), creates a variety of ditsy patterns you can find for purchase on our website.

7. Floral

Floral patterns are tried and true! And with today’s fabric printing tech, you can get a variety of floral patterns on fabric for everything from apparel to decorative items.

8. Geometric

Popular in modern home decor, geometric designs capture your eye. Circles, triangles, ovals, squares, and more impart visual interest and more by adding geometric patterns to your home. You’ll often find geometric designs in homes with mid-century modern and retro aesthetics. 

9. Gingham

gigham prints on fabric canvas etc

Like checkerboard, gingham uses a kind of checkerboard pattern. Instead of two colors, however, it utilizes three colors. Generally, white, a color of choice, and a third color with a lighter hue. There is less intensity with gingham than checkerboard patterns. You’ll find gingham a lot in country decor.

10. Custom

Do you have a pattern in mind of your own creation? Did you know you can create your own fabric pattern? You can with Canvas ETC. Our process is simple and allows you to have a one-of-a-kind fabric design for your next project.

Fabric Printing Technology

We use a process called dye sublimation printing to create fabric patterns. You’ll find this process only with the best textile printers. 

Dye sublimation is the process by which dyes are seeped into a material’s fibers instead of just on the surface. The result? Prints that last. And that means no cracking or fading over time with proper care. 

Get Custom Fabric Prints or Designer Prints from Canvas ETC

custom prints on fabric canvas etc

At Canvas ETC, we offer custom fabric printing for you or you can choose from one of the patterns offered by our partner designers

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